FOOD: Burgers, Beer & Banter at WEST

Yesterday evening my boyfriend & I headed over to WEST for a wee date night, I’d never been before but he had and had loved it. We actually managed to grab some tickets for their comedy night for a mere £5 on Itison the week before so it made sense to grab a bite to eat there beforehand!

WEST is an independent beer brewery located just off of Glasgow Green in the Templeton building – just next to the People’s Palace – so it’s within walking distance of the city centre. If you were in Glasgow last night you’ll know that the weather was absolutely miserable so we hopped in a taxi from Central Station to avoid as much of the downpour as possible. The place has such a lovely atmosphere, it’s warm and welcoming whilst not feeling like a “pub” if that makes any sense. They also allow dogs in which is a plus for me because I love creepily watching other people’s cute dogs…

I have to admit I’m not a fan of beer so maybe a beer brewery would seem like an odd choice for me, however having sampled the WEST beers I can confirm that they are a lot easier on my tastebuds but they’re still not for me. My boyfriend likes beer and he likes it so I guess it’s good, right? I stuck to cider for the night as it’s a pretty safe choice for me.

The German roots of WEST are pretty apparent in their menu (which you can see here) with lots of meaty options as well as my favourite pasta ever – spätzle! As I starter I had reibekuchken which are essentially crispy potato scones served with a little pot of apple sauce whereas Paddy went for cheesy garlic bread, both were delicious. Despite being tempted by the spätzle I was in the mood for a burger so opted for a classic cheeseburger and chips with yummy garlic mayo on the side. Paddy also had a burger but he had cheese, bacon and haggis on his – also good! Whilst the food was not the most aesthetically pleasing it tasted absolutely amazing, the portions were massive and it wasn’t overly expensive. For our two courses (I wish it was three but I was stuffed!) and drinks it came to £36 which is really good.

After dinner we headed in to the Comedy Night not really knowing what to expect, but for a fiver it wasn’t like it’d be a big loss if it was rubbish. Luckily it was absolutely hilarious! The three comedians and the compere were all fantastic guys with great material, by the end of the night my cheeks and sides hurt from laughing so much. If you fancy checking any of them out – and I think you should – you can find them on Twitter here: Jamie Dalgleish, Robin Grainger, Liam Withnail and Billy Kirkwood. We’re definitely planning on going back and we’re also hoping to visit The Stand too at some point.

Overall it was a fantastic night out and I would definitely recommend visiting WEST for a bite to eat or one of their events – they do tours of the brewery too!