FOOD: Bread Meats Bread

bread meats bread glasgow

bread meats bread glasgow

bread meats bread glasgow

Bread Meats Bread has been about for a while now, and mentioned plenty of times I’m sure! Being bang in the city centre makes it a fantastic place for a quick bite to eat, especially when the food is so good and the price is so low.

On Friday afternoon after interviewing E of E and before reviewing their set supporting McBusted (more on this later in the week!) my friend and I had an hour or so to kill so decided to grab some scran and headed straight for Bread Meats Bread. I’ve visited a couple of times before but Geraldine hadn’t been yet so we thought it was a good shout!

Every time I’ve visited Bread Meats Bread I’ve wanted to try their Porchetta and every time I’ve been they’ve not had any left. Which sucks. However this time the lovely waitress offered to substitute the sliced pork for pulled pork (I’m not complaining!) and it was absolutely delicious. On the side I decided to go for the caramelised sweet potato fries which were heaven but I was absolutely stuffed and couldn’t quite bring myself to finish them all! Geraldine had a classic beef burger with the plain sweet potato fries which looked so yummy and based on her reaction was just as delicious as my pork.

The place itself is quite small but has a fantastic atmosphere and speedy service. We had to wait for about 10 minutes to get a table however this wasn’t an issue for us with it being expected at dinner time on a Friday. Overall our meal (including drinks and chips) only cost us a tenner each which is a total bargain for the quality of food you’re getting.

Basically – if you’re looking for great quality, low prices and a nice atmosphere you will not be disappointed if you head to Bread Meats Bread.