BEAUTY: Superdrug Naturally Radiant Micro Polish

Naturally Radiant Brightening Micro Polish – Superdrug £4.99 

I picked this up on a total whim, I was feeling a bit down and it was half price. I’m definitely an emotional shopper and a firm believer in retail therapy but with a small budget it’s not always possible. I had a spare £2.50 kicking around in my purse and thought it couldn’t hurt to try something new.

My main complaint with my skin is that it can be quite dry in certain patches and dull, possibly down to my bad circulation, so this kind of thing claims to cover all the bases. It’s not overly harsh on the skin but does make a noticeable difference to my dry patches. After using this polish my skin feels considerably smoother but slightly tingly which is probably due to the abrasive particles. My skin isn’t particularly sensitive so I wouldn’t recommend using this if you do have sensitive skin – it actually warns against using it on the back if that’s an issue for you.

As I mentioned I think the dullness of my skin is mostly due to my circulation issues so when I use this product I massage it in to my skin with a little exfoliating brush that I got free with an Avon order. This seems to make a clear difference to my circulation but I doubt it’s a necessary step – using a muslin cloth would probably be just as effective.

I wouldn’t say it’s a “holy grail” product for me but I have noticed a bit of a difference in my skin over the past couple of weeks. It could just be a case of needing continued use to really reap the benefits so I will carry on including it in my daily routine until it’s finished!

I’ve not really tried much else from Superdrug’s own range as I was never very impressed with their B. product line however after doing a bit of research (i.e. reading blogs) I quite fancy the look of a few things from their Vitamin E range and will definitely be picking some up if it’s ever on half price! If you have any recommendations, as usual, I’d love to hear them.