BEAUTY: Paul Mitchell Express Dry Hairspray & Dry Shampoo

Paul Mitchell Express Dry Stay Strong hair spray*
Paul Mitchell Express Dry Dry Wash dry shampoo*

Last week the lovely folk at Paul Mitchell were hosting an event in Glasgow, but sadly I was stuck in my university library in Aberdeen. Luckily for me they were kind enough to send me the products that they were trying out so that I wasn’t missing out too much!

I’m forever on the hunt for a decent hairspray as not many manage to stand up to the task of holding my mane in place. The Stay Strong hairspray from the Express Dry range does a pretty good job of this, taming my flyaways and holding my curls in place all day long with minimal drooping. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling crunchy and brushes out easily come bed time, which is a big plus for someone who hates brushing her hair. As the name would suggest, this hairspray dries nearly the second it touches my hair, this is yet another massive bonus for me as sometimes I find a hairspray can be too “wet” and undo my hard work on my hair style (on the days I actually bother). It’s also really great for holding my eyebrows in place too, I like to spray a little bit on a spoolie then brush it through my brows to ensure they stay put all day.

I’m not so keen on the dry shampoo however as I felt it did very little for me. Dry shampoo is an essential for me and I have a variety of cans that I use for a multitude of reasons – from covering my roots to adding volume on my just washed hair. This shampoo actually felt a lot more wet on application in comparison to my usual Batiste or Girls Only choices however like the hairspray it did dry really quickly. It applies transparent so you don’t need to worry about the dreaded grey roots however I didn’t see much of a difference in the oiliness of my hair. It’d probably be okay on day old hair but I prefer something a bit more matte as I think my hair looks a bit weird without it. I’m probably just being ridiculously fussy but it just didn’t quite tick all of my boxes!

What are your favourite Paul Mitchell products? I’d love some recommendations!