23 May 2014

BEAUTY: Eucerin DermoPurifyer Cleanser First Impressions

Eucerin DermoPurifyer Cleanser* - Escentual
I don't know why, but lately my skin has been a total nightmare. I've gone from suffering from the occasional spot to having a constant army of redness all around my chin and cheeks, so when some Eucerin goodies from Escentual arrived in the post I had high hopes! Eucerin were originally a German company which I remember seeing when I was over there but aside from that I'd never really heard too much about them.

The DermoPurifyer cleanser is formulated especially for blemish prone skin an aims to gently cleanse and remove excess sebum while remaining soap & fragrance free. I've been using this cleanser for little over a week now and I'm absolutely stunned by the difference it's made to my skin. I've been using this alongside a sample of their moisturiser, my Simple toner and Lush's Grease Lightning spot treatment and it's worked really well to reduce my blemishes and just leave my skin feeling a lot more hydrated and nourished.

As it's only been a week, I'm planning on posting a full review later next month to properly judge how it's worked for my skin but it's safe to say that I'm impressed so far. Considering the size of this bottle and how little product needed for each use I'd say it's a total bargain at just £9, so if it continues to work wonders it will be a definite repurchase alongside some other bits and bobs from the brand.

Have you tried anything from Eucerin before?


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