UNIVERSITY: Our Scottish Festival Chic Exhibition

I think I mentioned at some point that I was putting together an exhibition as part of my coursework for university, so I thought I’d do a little post on how it all went! Basically, we were told that we had to buy an outfit with a £10 budget from an assigned charity shop – my group were given Oxfam – that was related to our theme of Scotland and put together a stall for an exhibition showcasing both our outfit and our charity.

My group decided to go for a festival theme because we thought it was a bit different. Scotland is the birthplace of so many amazing bands and also the home of some great festivals, plus Oxfam host their own festival every year called Oxjam so it all fitted in rather nicely! For our outfit we went for a checked shirt, denim shorts, flower crown and welly boots – definitely something festival ready.

As part of the preparation for the event we had to create a style shoot for our outfit (which we did rather last minute) and it reminded me how much I love being behind the camera – it was my first “proper” photoshoot since I did Higher Photography at school! I’ve included a few photos at the end of the post and I’ve already been planning a couple more little photography expeditions with my friend over summer.

On the night we had lots of little goodies on our stall, including a playlist of prominent Scottish artists, lots of home baking, a rail of clothes to buy from the charity and our raffle! It was funny to see how addicted people got to the raffle, but it was pretty understandable as I was quite jealous of the prizes people were winning – we had things such as a voucher for a haircut, a meal  for two at a hotel, bottles of Prosecco and vouchers for shops.

Overall, I think the night went really well and in the end we ended up raising £83 just from the sales of our £1 raffle tickets alone! Now I just need to write a reflective report on the whole thing… that’ll be fun.

Have you ever had to do anything like this for university or school? I loved it, it was so much fun and I’d love to do it again!