15 Apr 2014

TUESDAY TEN: Statement Necklaces

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10
I for one think statement necklaces are wonderful creatures. They can instantly make a once boring outfit interesting and are perfect for adding a bit of colour (which is useful as someone who likes to wear grey..). I have quite a few statement necklaces in my collection but they're all quite plain and not as colourful, so I thought I'd find a few more colourful options to add!

My favourite places to shop for statement necklaces are Primark, Zara, eBay & Forever 21 but recently I've noticed that Etsy has some pretty amazing offerings. I've not checked out Primark or Forever 21's offerings lately, but Zara definitely have some great pieces in at the moment.

As per usual, it's difficult just to choose one, but if I had to I'd definitely go for number 10 from Etsy. The colours are just amazing and I think it would look great paired with a plain black tee and jeans.

Which is your favourite?



  1. Number 10 and number 4 are my favs. I've been building such a huge Etsy wishlist recently, I don't think my bank are going to like me next payday. :/ xxx

  2. I've wanted the third one from Zara for a while, however, nearly all of the ones from there that I have wanted have popped up on eBay for about £8 so I'm waiting to see if that one also makes an appearance :)
    Nearly all of my statement necklaces are from eBay and I'm starting to have quite an unhealthy obsession.
    I do love number 10 from Etsy though, the colours are gorgeous!

  3. Oh, the first one is fab. I haven't looked at Etsy in ages, I tend to get sucked in!


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