1 Apr 2014

TUESDAY TEN: Motel Rocks

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10
The other day I remembered that I had £10 of store credit sitting in my Motel account due to being one of their Street Teamers, so I decided to have a little browse of what they currently have in store. I can always rely on Motel for amazing prints in varying styles so I found it a bit difficult to choose just ten things for this weeks post! If you fancy treating yourself to anything from the site you can use the code "coloursandcarousels" for 20% off! Not too shabby eh?

I think my favourite from this selection is probably the denim babydoll dress, but I love the print from the orange playsuit... tough choice. What about you, which is your favourite?



  1. motel always get it right, love this x


  2. I love the babydoll dress and the cropped pink shirt! Gorgeous


  3. I think number 1 and number 10 are my favourites. They really do always have lovely bright and vibrant prints. Lianne x

  4. Great selection :) I love the red dress! It is so short, though (being tall doesn't help either)...


  5. I like all of these!! I'd have to say my favorites are numbers 1 and 7, though. The denim babydoll dress is so unique and fun as well; I love it!


  6. ooh I do love that orange playsuit too! But I don't think it's a colour I can pull off.
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!


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