29 Apr 2014


Hide and Go Chic - Come Here - Vested Interest - First Timer - Forget Me Nots

Island Hopping - Recessionista - Tart Deco - Thigh High - Vanity Fairest
Essie seem to be a bit of a blogger's favourite when it comes to nail polishes. I do own a few that I wear quite regularly but they're all very pale nude/white shades that I got in a set from TK Maxx so I thought I'd have a look at the other shades on offer. I was kind of amazed by the sheer amount and it was quite a struggle to narrow it down to just ten but these are the few that made the cut. I should really be going for brighter shades for Spring & Summer however there's just something about an autumnal nail that I love.

I'm planning on treating myself to Recessionista with my Boots points at the end of the week as a little present for finishing first year, but I could possibly be tempted by Island Hopping or Vested Interest too... so many options.

What's your favourite Essie shade?



  1. I'm kinda gutted because I've banned myself from trying any! A few years ago I had a huge nails inc obsession to the point where I bought far far too many. I can't justify buying any new nail varnishes at all until I've used up all my Nails Inc :(

    Chloe x

  2. I don't own any Essie polishes yet, but I know what you mean about the shade range! I'm still trying to decide which one to go for - the pinky nudes are my fave!

    http://herheartisinparis.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

  3. I don't own any Essie nail polishes although I need to treat myself to a few. They always get such great reviews

  4. I love the coral shade!
    You picked some gorgeous ones. c: I favor the top row.


  5. All these colours are sooo pretty! I've never owned an Eddie nail polish though Gisforgingers xx

  6. I love Essie nail polish! :)


  7. I don't own any Essie nail polishes, but Come Here is such a beautiful shade, perfect for with a tan in summer!



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