7 Apr 2014

REVIEW: Along Came Betty Pore Goodness Sake Hot Cloth Cleanser

Along Came Betty hot cloth cleanser review

Along Came Betty hot cloth cleanser review blog uk

Along Came Betty hot cloth cleanser review
Along Came Betty Pore Goodness Sake Hot Cloth Cleanser - Tesco
(available in store, but some other products from
the range are available online here)
Tesco is never really my first stop for skincare, but one Saturday morning when wandering down the aisles with my dad I spotted the Along Came Betty range. To be perfectly honest, it only caught my eye because of the massive reduced signs but I doubt I'm the only one! I bought three products for under £10 and this is the first of the three, and also my first ever hot cloth cleanser (ooooh bad beauty blogger).

On first glance, the packaging looks very pretty in that Soap & Glory-esque way that people are going crazy for at the moment. However much to my dismay it's actually a bit useless as it doesn't even have any instructions on... which I discovered after I'd thrown out the box. Maybe they were on there? I'm not sure, but it seems a bit pointless to put important info on the box that will almost definitely be thrown away and not on the tube of product itself.

The product itself smells lovely, it's like your usual kind of cleanser smell with a hint of cranberry. I'm assuming that the method of use is just the same as any other hot cloth cleanser - apply to damp skin then remove with a hot cloth... shocker. On application it feels lovely and creamy and is really easy to remove; however the muslin cloth that comes with it is a bit useless and flimsy so I use my Emma Hardie one instead. This cleanser leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft, not at all tight or stripped like some other cleansers do, however it does feel a little rich so it's not something I'll be using every day.

In all honesty I doubt I'll repurchase this purely because I want to try other brands, but it was a great introduction to hot cloth cleansers and a total bargain too! 

Have you ever tried anything from Along Came Betty?



  1. Not tried anything from this Tesco range, definitely need to check some stuff out! If you're after a budget cleaser, try the No7 one. It's fantastic :)

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  2. Ooh what a find! I've never tried this range, but I can't believe how obviously they've ripped off the soap & glory design haha :D xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. I haven't tried anything from the Tesco range but I always stop and have a look, will power stops me buying.
    Becka | This Is My World

  4. three under ten sounds lovely! The cranberry smell sounds awesome! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  5. Never heard of this brand but I might pick up something in the future if I spot something on a great deal like you have! Also I am not surprised that they have gone with the same style of design as Soap and Glory. The design side of the company obviously know that S&G is a big contender in the industry and feel that with packaging similar to theirs, people will pick it up! Sneaky as hell but a method used a lot!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  6. This sounds great
    I'll have to pick some up
    Rachel XX

  7. Strange that they didn't put instructions on the product... That's a little annoying! I love the packaging though, and the clever little names.


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