30 Apr 2014


rainy days - new favourite jumper - dough balls are my fave
our stall at a uni exhibition - MCBUSTED AH - visiting coronation street
the best popcorn discovery - lazy nights in - seeing my work in print
Every month when I write this post all I can think is "holy crap this month is over already?!", but the end of this month also signifies the end of my first year of university. Crazy stuff. I have one exam in May but I'm moving home on Friday so it's basically the end of the year. I am soooo glad it's summer now, I've got so much planned and some really exciting opportunities have come up too!

This month I've been:

Reading - much like last month, barely anything that isn't related to uni work. I've read so many books on textile testing, management theory and visual merchandising that I actually dream about my coursework...

Watching - House! Still. I'm on season 5 now so making good progress. I've seen a few movies too including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Divergent and The Other Woman but I've got a post about them tomorrow.

Doing - Coursework, coursework and more coursework. As well as a lot of eating, a trip to Ikea, visiting Manchester for the Coronation Street tour, finally seeing McBusted (best night ever), taxi-ing people around and working on a new issue of the magazine. I still love seeing my work in print and knowing that people are enjoying it.

Looking forward to - not having any coursework/exams, hopefully getting a job, seeing Katy Perry, going to Radio 1's Big Weekend, moving back home and having all the time in the world to blog as I please.



  1. Sounds as though you're on the home stretch now, though :)

  2. Sounds like you've had a really busy but rewarding month. Keep going!

    - Natalie
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