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Coronation Street is a programme that I’ve grown up with, my grandma loves it, my mum loves it and I love it. Being from Manchester it’s kind of homely for me (if that makes sense) and the town I’m from is used for filming occasionally, mostly for church scenes. Fun fact: one day my mum, my cousin & I spent hours (alongside some other people) waiting outside the church where they filmed baby Lily’s christening just to get a glimpse of the cast – stalkery photo here.

Anyway, when the tickets for the studio tour were released my mum and I decided that we may as well visit seeing as it was our Easter holidays and all. They moved the set from the old Granada Studios (now ITV Studios) to the new MediaCity set last December so this isn’t the set that they use at the moment.

The first half of the tour is a guided walk through of the interior sets & costume department where we weren’t allowed to take photos (damn) but it was so interesting to see the insides of the houses. They put so much detail in to their sets and they all look so realistic! I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s really weird to see something you’ve seen on TV so many times in real life. Our tour guide was really informative and we also got to see a little video with all of the best bits from the entire series which did make me a tiny bit emotional. Schmeichel probably got to me the most, poor dog.

After the guided part of the tour you emerge from the doors of Nick’s Bistro on to the infamous cobbles and are then free to wander around the street (and take photos as you wish!) which was, again, really interesting. The windows of the houses also had little notes of who had lived there and when which was handy for me as I’m always forgetting. There’s also a little gift shop in the medical centre with some Corrie themed merchandise as well as some Manchester based souvenirs. My mum and I ended up buying some sweets, pens and our photo pulling pints behind the Rovers Return bar, which I’ll probably post on my Instagram at some point.

We had such a great time at the tour so I would definitely recommend it if you’re a fan! It’s packed full of nostalgia and perfect for someone nosey like me. It’s only open for a limited time (until October 4th I think) and I think tickets are going quite fast – if you fancy going you can find a bit more information and tickets here!

Are you a Corrie fan like me? Random question, but if you are who’s your favourite character? Mine was probably Blanche, she was hilarious.