FOOD: Lunchtime at Pizza Express

I think by now you probably all know that I love a good pizza- or just food in general; especially if there’s cheese involved. When I was offered the chance to sample the new Pizza Express lunch time menu I seriously thought I was dreaming!

The lunch time menu offers some classic Pizza Express dishes (as well as a couple of new ones!) in much smaller and more manageable portions for lunch time consumption, which is ideal for me as I love going out to eat but if I have a busy day of shopping ahead I don’t want to be feeling stuffed and sluggish.

Yesterday, my friend Ciera & I headed to Pizza Express on Belmont Street for a lunchtime treat as well as a much needed break from university work. I’d never been in this restaurant before and was quite surprised by how light and open it was, as the one in Union Square can often feel very enclosed.

We both opted for Pomodoro Pesto pizzas with baby mozzarella, fresh basil, tomatoes and pesto on the thin Romana style base. Usually a pizza will leave me absolutely stuffed, however this really was the perfect size for a lunchtime dish and left me comfortably satisfied. It’s not a trip to Pizza Express without some delicious doughballs so we ordered a portion as a side dish; alongside some Polenta Fries which neither of us had tried before. The polenta fries were interesting, it was like a combination of pasta, cheese and bread… quite hard to describe but they were fantastic and I’ll definitely be ordering them again! For dessert, we again chose the same thing and went for a slice of chocolate fudge cake with creamy vanilla gelato. Even though I’m not a massive fan of chocolate cake (shocking, I know) this was mouthwateringly beautiful and I could so go another slice. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Before, Pizza Express was more of an evening meal type of restaurant for me but after sampling some of their great lunch menu I’ll undoubtedly be heading back. The portion size was perfect and as usual the food was delicious. You can view the full lunch time menu here.