30 Apr 2014


rainy days - new favourite jumper - dough balls are my fave
our stall at a uni exhibition - MCBUSTED AH - visiting coronation street
the best popcorn discovery - lazy nights in - seeing my work in print
Every month when I write this post all I can think is "holy crap this month is over already?!", but the end of this month also signifies the end of my first year of university. Crazy stuff. I have one exam in May but I'm moving home on Friday so it's basically the end of the year. I am soooo glad it's summer now, I've got so much planned and some really exciting opportunities have come up too!

This month I've been:

Reading - much like last month, barely anything that isn't related to uni work. I've read so many books on textile testing, management theory and visual merchandising that I actually dream about my coursework...

Watching - House! Still. I'm on season 5 now so making good progress. I've seen a few movies too including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Divergent and The Other Woman but I've got a post about them tomorrow.

Doing - Coursework, coursework and more coursework. As well as a lot of eating, a trip to Ikea, visiting Manchester for the Coronation Street tour, finally seeing McBusted (best night ever), taxi-ing people around and working on a new issue of the magazine. I still love seeing my work in print and knowing that people are enjoying it.

Looking forward to - not having any coursework/exams, hopefully getting a job, seeing Katy Perry, going to Radio 1's Big Weekend, moving back home and having all the time in the world to blog as I please.


29 Apr 2014


Hide and Go Chic - Come Here - Vested Interest - First Timer - Forget Me Nots

Island Hopping - Recessionista - Tart Deco - Thigh High - Vanity Fairest
Essie seem to be a bit of a blogger's favourite when it comes to nail polishes. I do own a few that I wear quite regularly but they're all very pale nude/white shades that I got in a set from TK Maxx so I thought I'd have a look at the other shades on offer. I was kind of amazed by the sheer amount and it was quite a struggle to narrow it down to just ten but these are the few that made the cut. I should really be going for brighter shades for Spring & Summer however there's just something about an autumnal nail that I love.

I'm planning on treating myself to Recessionista with my Boots points at the end of the week as a little present for finishing first year, but I could possibly be tempted by Island Hopping or Vested Interest too... so many options.

What's your favourite Essie shade?


28 Apr 2014


This past month I've not really been reading as many blogs as I usually do (can I blame coursework? I'm going to blame coursework) so I wasn't sure if I was going to do my usual Share The Love post until I stumbled across Natalie's blog - Shabby Chic and Tea. Natalie followed me on Twitter and me, being me, looking for a distraction from my reports decided to have a wee nosey at her blog. I think it's safe to say, I instantly fell in love and a good hour or so of valuable work time was lost to reading her posts. She has such a fantastic sense of style and thanks to her posts I now have a shopping list as long as (well, probably longer) than my arm.

So, if you're like me and after a distraction from coursework, work or just whatever it is that you really don't want to do you should definitely head over to Natalie's blog - you'll love it just as much as I do.


25 Apr 2014

BEAUTY: Pai Skincare Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser* - Pai Skincare
available in 100ml & 200ml
Now that it's been just over two weeks since I started using this lovely little cleanser from Pai Skincare I thought it was time for me to give you all the rundown on how I've got on.

I've done a little bit more research in to Pai as a company and I have to say I'm impressed, not only are they organic but they are also vegan and cruelty free which I know is a major positive for some people. I for one use what works for me, but it makes me feel a little less guilty knowing that they're a good company.

The cleanser itself is actually pretty damn amazing. My biggest issue with my skin is dryness so I was very pleasantly surprised by how hydrated this left my skin feeling after using it as both a hot cloth cleanser and an eye make up remover. As it's mainly formulated to be used as a hot cloth cleanser I wasn't expected too much from it as a make up remover but it simply melts even the most stubborn eye make up away which is perfect for after a long day when I'm not feeling up to going the whole hog with my skincare routine.

After using this for two weeks I've noticed a considerable difference in my skin, it feels a lot softer and more moisturised so my make up is sitting better (and I'm needing to use less!). My blemishes and redness are fading and minus a little hormonal breakout it's been a lot clearer and brighter. It just feels generally better and I'm incredibly happy with it - to the point that I actually might splash out on a larger bottle! That's a definite seal of approval from me. At the moment you can get the 200ml size for the same price as the 100ml bottle so I may as well make the most of the deal.

I think it's safe to say that it's a massive thumbs up from me, but what about you? If you've tried anything from Pai before I'd love to hear your thoughts on the brand.


24 Apr 2014


The Avicii/Rick Astley mash up is one of the best things you will ever hear.


23 Apr 2014

BEAUTY: Beautify Me Vitamin Complex

Beautify Me Vitamin Complex - £15 for 28 capsules (two weeks worth) or £24 for 1 month
I have to admit that this isn't really the kind of thing I'd spend my own money on, but when I was lucky enough to be given these by the lovely Gemma of Miss Makeup Magpie I decided that they were worth trying. Vitamins wise, I only really take Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin C and Echinacea only a regular basis (the latter because it's in my favourite tea) so I was intrigued to see what the Beautify Me supplements could do for me.

The Beautify Me vitamin complex contains a variety of vitamins & minerals including marine collagen (which brings images of dolphins getting lip fillers to mind...), Vitamin C, zinc and Biotin amongst others. Apparently, these little capsules help to support cell growth and support healthy skin, hair and nails. This packet contains 28 capsules which is enough for two weeks - I'm not entirely convinced that two weeks is long enough to see proper results however I'm not planning on buying any myself.

Now that I've taken these supplements for the whole two weeks I thought I would share my thoughts on them, but it is kind of a first impressions thing as like I said before I feel like you'd need more than two weeks to judge fully. I didn't think these were doing too much for me, but on reflection my hair is feeling a lot stronger and I'm noticing considerably less hair loss. My nails are a little bit stronger, but still not ideal and this could be down to the fact that I've not really been painting them recently in an attempt to strengthen them. Skin-wise I've seen very little difference, however I've been feeling a little run down lately and whenever this happens I always think you can see it in my skin. The collagen & antioxidants in these capsules are meant to be really good for anti-ageing but that's not really a big issue for me at my age - it may have more of an impact on someone with slightly older skin.

Overall, I'm not too blown away by these but this could be because I didn't really feel like I needed them. If you feel like your hair, skin & nails could do with some TLC these could be a good idea for you, but I would do some more research in to other ways to get the vitamins as I think that with these you're paying for the pretty packaging and idea of "beautifying".

Have you tried these? I'm interested to hear how other people have found them, I feel like I've been a bit hard on them!


21 Apr 2014

UNIVERSITY: Our Scottish Festival Chic Exhibition

I think I mentioned at some point that I was putting together an exhibition as part of my coursework for university, so I thought I'd do a little post on how it all went! Basically, we were told that we had to buy an outfit with a £10 budget from an assigned charity shop - my group were given Oxfam - that was related to our theme of Scotland and put together a stall for an exhibition showcasing both our outfit and our charity.

My group decided to go for a festival theme because we thought it was a bit different. Scotland is the birthplace of so many amazing bands and also the home of some great festivals, plus Oxfam host their own festival every year called Oxjam so it all fitted in rather nicely! For our outfit we went for a checked shirt, denim shorts, flower crown and welly boots - definitely something festival ready.

As part of the preparation for the event we had to create a style shoot for our outfit (which we did rather last minute) and it reminded me how much I love being behind the camera - it was my first "proper" photoshoot since I did Higher Photography at school! I've included a few photos at the end of the post and I've already been planning a couple more little photography expeditions with my friend over summer.

On the night we had lots of little goodies on our stall, including a playlist of prominent Scottish artists, lots of home baking, a rail of clothes to buy from the charity and our raffle! It was funny to see how addicted people got to the raffle, but it was pretty understandable as I was quite jealous of the prizes people were winning - we had things such as a voucher for a haircut, a meal  for two at a hotel, bottles of Prosecco and vouchers for shops.

Overall, I think the night went really well and in the end we ended up raising £83 just from the sales of our £1 raffle tickets alone! Now I just need to write a reflective report on the whole thing... that'll be fun.

Have you ever had to do anything like this for university or school? I loved it, it was so much fun and I'd love to do it again!


17 Apr 2014

FOOD: Lunchtime at Pizza Express

I think by now you probably all know that I love a good pizza- or just food in general; especially if there's cheese involved. When I was offered the chance to sample the new Pizza Express lunch time menu I seriously thought I was dreaming!

The lunch time menu offers some classic Pizza Express dishes (as well as a couple of new ones!) in much smaller and more manageable portions for lunch time consumption, which is ideal for me as I love going out to eat but if I have a busy day of shopping ahead I don't want to be feeling stuffed and sluggish.

Yesterday, my friend Ciera & I headed to Pizza Express on Belmont Street for a lunchtime treat as well as a much needed break from university work. I'd never been in this restaurant before and was quite surprised by how light and open it was, as the one in Union Square can often feel very enclosed.

We both opted for Pomodoro Pesto pizzas with baby mozzarella, fresh basil, tomatoes and pesto on the thin Romana style base. Usually a pizza will leave me absolutely stuffed, however this really was the perfect size for a lunchtime dish and left me comfortably satisfied. It's not a trip to Pizza Express without some delicious doughballs so we ordered a portion as a side dish; alongside some Polenta Fries which neither of us had tried before. The polenta fries were interesting, it was like a combination of pasta, cheese and bread... quite hard to describe but they were fantastic and I'll definitely be ordering them again! For dessert, we again chose the same thing and went for a slice of chocolate fudge cake with creamy vanilla gelato. Even though I'm not a massive fan of chocolate cake (shocking, I know) this was mouthwateringly beautiful and I could so go another slice. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

Before, Pizza Express was more of an evening meal type of restaurant for me but after sampling some of their great lunch menu I'll undoubtedly be heading back. The portion size was perfect and as usual the food was delicious. You can view the full lunch time menu here.


16 Apr 2014

BEAUTY: Co-washing - is it worth it?

Short for conditioner washing, co-washing is the latest haircare craze. Basically, it involves washing your hair with just conditioner as opposed to shampooing and is meant to be a godsend for curly haired girls like myself. As curly & textured hair tends to be considerably drier than other hair types the moisturising properties of conditioner are perfect for us. Regular co-washing can help to nourish your curls and even help to prevent split ends.

Co-washing is pretty simple, just make sure your hair is thoroughly soaked before applying your chosen conditioner - you'll also need to make sure that your hair is absolutely covered in it too. After applying massage your scalp with your fingertips to remove any residue and then detangle with a wide tooth comb. Rinse the first lot of conditioner and then apply a bit more to your hair then leave for a few minutes. Rinse the final lot of conditioner out (using cold water here is a good tip!) then pat your hair dry and style as usual.

Any conditioner will do, however co-washing has now become so popular that you can actually get specialist cleansing conditioners to help remove any build up at your roots. Do this as often as you feel necessary, and feel free to alternate with a "normal" wash.

As I mentioned earlier, the nourishing properties of conditioners are a saviour for dry and damaged hair. I find co-washing really helpful in making the colour in my hair last a lot longer without fading as well as helping to reduce my frizz. I personally feel that my hair dries quicker and is a bit more "tamed" without me having to put in as much effort.

Based on personal experience alone - yes. I'm really happy that I discovered co-washing as it has been fantastic for my hair. It feels like it's in a lot better condition now and my colour stays in considerably longer (less money spent on hair dye!). My only issue with it is that I feel like my hair needs to be washed a bit more often when using this method, however that's nothing a good dry shampoo can't help with. I find that co-washing every second day and using a clarifying shampoo (I Love Juicy from Lush if you're interested!) once a week. I do use a lot of conditioner so I don't think I can afford to keep up this routine for much longer and may instead swap to co-washing just once a week but I can't imagine not doing it anymore - it's worked wonders for my hair!

Do you co-wash? How do you find it? I'd love to hear some more people's experiences with it!



15 Apr 2014

TUESDAY TEN: Statement Necklaces

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10
I for one think statement necklaces are wonderful creatures. They can instantly make a once boring outfit interesting and are perfect for adding a bit of colour (which is useful as someone who likes to wear grey..). I have quite a few statement necklaces in my collection but they're all quite plain and not as colourful, so I thought I'd find a few more colourful options to add!

My favourite places to shop for statement necklaces are Primark, Zara, eBay & Forever 21 but recently I've noticed that Etsy has some pretty amazing offerings. I've not checked out Primark or Forever 21's offerings lately, but Zara definitely have some great pieces in at the moment.

As per usual, it's difficult just to choose one, but if I had to I'd definitely go for number 10 from Etsy. The colours are just amazing and I think it would look great paired with a plain black tee and jeans.

Which is your favourite?


14 Apr 2014

LIFESTYLE: The Coronation Street Tour

Coronation Street studio tour

Coronation Street backstage tour

Coronation Street filming locations

Coronation Street tour Manchester

Rovers Return Coronation Street location

Coronation Street studio tour review

Coronation Street is a programme that I've grown up with, my grandma loves it, my mum loves it and I love it. Being from Manchester it's kind of homely for me (if that makes sense) and the town I'm from is used for filming occasionally, mostly for church scenes. Fun fact: one day my mum, my cousin & I spent hours (alongside some other people) waiting outside the church where they filmed baby Lily's christening just to get a glimpse of the cast - stalkery photo here.

Anyway, when the tickets for the studio tour were released my mum and I decided that we may as well visit seeing as it was our Easter holidays and all. They moved the set from the old Granada Studios (now ITV Studios) to the new MediaCity set last December so this isn't the set that they use at the moment.

The first half of the tour is a guided walk through of the interior sets & costume department where we weren't allowed to take photos (damn) but it was so interesting to see the insides of the houses. They put so much detail in to their sets and they all look so realistic! I don't want to give too much away, but it's really weird to see something you've seen on TV so many times in real life. Our tour guide was really informative and we also got to see a little video with all of the best bits from the entire series which did make me a tiny bit emotional. Schmeichel probably got to me the most, poor dog.

After the guided part of the tour you emerge from the doors of Nick's Bistro on to the infamous cobbles and are then free to wander around the street (and take photos as you wish!) which was, again, really interesting. The windows of the houses also had little notes of who had lived there and when which was handy for me as I'm always forgetting. There's also a little gift shop in the medical centre with some Corrie themed merchandise as well as some Manchester based souvenirs. My mum and I ended up buying some sweets, pens and our photo pulling pints behind the Rovers Return bar, which I'll probably post on my Instagram at some point.

We had such a great time at the tour so I would definitely recommend it if you're a fan! It's packed full of nostalgia and perfect for someone nosey like me. It's only open for a limited time (until October 4th I think) and I think tickets are going quite fast - if you fancy going you can find a bit more information and tickets here!

Are you a Corrie fan like me? Random question, but if you are who's your favourite character? Mine was probably Blanche, she was hilarious.


11 Apr 2014

BEAUTY: The Cleanser Challenge with Pai Skincare

Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser - Pai*
(this is the 50ml size, also available in 100ml & 200ml
As per usual I was wasting my day away on Twitter when I spotted a tweet from Pai Skincare looking for bloggers to take part in their Cleanser Challenge. I had never tried anything from Pai before but after seeing them mentioned in the blogosphere a fair bit (as well as being loved by Natalie Portman!) I jumped at the chance to give their products a go.

A few days later this cute little cleanser appeared at my house, alongside some information about the cleanser challenge itself. Basically, Pai believe that their best-selling cleanser - the Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser - will soothe my skin and remove any impurities without irritation or stripping. To take part, I'm going to be using only this cleanser for at least a week (I'm aiming for two minimum!) and let it do its magic.

On first impressions, this cleanser is lovely and creamy with a very delicate scent. It's not overly foamy which is a big plus for me as I find foam cleansers very drying for my skin. After removing it with the muslin cloth it came with my skin is left feeling very soft & hydrated in comparison to my usual cleanser and there's also a slight hint of the fragrance left. I've only used this for two nights now but I am really enjoying it, I've not had a chance to use it as an eye make up remover yet (yay for 2 in 1 products!) but I'll certainly be testing its capacity at some point over the next week. I'm planning on doing an update after a week of using it, then another after two weeks - so keep an eye out for them to see how I get on with it!

From April 16th onwards Pai will be discussing the cleanser challenge over on Twitter using the hashtag #PaiChallenge so I'm really looking forward to seeing how everyone else gets on!

10 Apr 2014

PHOTOGRAPHY: My Five Favourite Instagram Accounts

favourite blogger instagram accounts

I think it's pretty common knowledge that I'm a bit of an Instagram addict, I spend hours browsing through hundreds upon thousands of pretty photographs and I'm one of *those* people who just has to snap a picture of their food before eating it... Yeah. I'm always on the look out for new accounts to follow and thought it would be worth sharing a few of my current favourites!

I'm a bit of a cat lady (understatement of the century) so it's no wonder that I absolutely adore @dailymouse. If you didn't already know Mouse, she is Kate from gh0stparties' gorgeous feline counterpart and is undoubtedly one of the cutest cats on Instagram - aside from my own of course! As well as Mouse's dedicated account, I also love Kate's account and her online beauty, fashion & lifestyle magazine Nouvelle Daily.

I first started following Eva back when she worked at Teen Vogue, but she has since been appointed Editor In Chief of Lucky magazine and her account is the perfect glimpse in to the life of a fashion editor. She's always posting about her favourite beauty products, as well as her incredibly well put together outfits alongside plenty of other little snippets from her life. A girl can dream, eh?

I've followed and loved Gem's blog for years now so including her Instagram was an automatic decision. Her beautiful photography is always so inspiring and her food photos can get me drooling in a second! All in all, she's a beautiful lady with a fantastic sense of style and eye for photos - if you only follow one of these five I would definitely go for Gem.

Jenn, more commonly known as Clothes Encounters of YouTube popularity, is one of my more recent finds as I'm totally behind the times when it comes to finding new YouTubers. Her videos can always keep my attention which is no mean feat at the moment so it made perfect sense to follow her on Instagram. Her sense of style is so on point and versatile, it's not identical to mine, but it always inspires me and is a treasure trove of new online shops!

Another one of my favourite bloggers, Rosie, has such a clean & crisp photography style that I really love. I always look forward to seeing little snippets of her life and she can make the most simple things seem beautiful & exciting. You can find her blog here - well worth the read!

If you fancy a few extra photos of food, fashion & felines in your feed then you can follow me on Instagram at @charlottedougall

I'd love to know who your favourite accounts to follow are, so pretty please leave them in the comments!

8 Apr 2014

TUESDAY TEN: Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics uk blog
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Benefit Cosmetics best sellers
6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10
Benefit are a brand that I know I can rely on for my make up, quite a lot of the staple pieces in my make up collection are by them and I'm happy to pay the slightly higher price for them when I know that they work well for me. After noticing a few new releases (in particular Big Easy - number 7) I thought I'd have a look and see what else I fancied trying from them.

There's been a lot of fuss about Gimme Brow lately so it was an obvious choice in this list, however Brow Zings also caught my eye and quite a few people have recommended it. I adore the Porefessional primer so thought that the new Agent Zero Shine shine control powder would be a great partner for it.

Overall, it's pretty hard to pick just one favourite from these ten but if I could only buy one to try (which is pretty probable considering my budget) it would have to be Big Easy - it seems to be everything I'm looking for!

What about you, do you like Benefit?

7 Apr 2014

REVIEW: Along Came Betty Pore Goodness Sake Hot Cloth Cleanser

Along Came Betty hot cloth cleanser review

Along Came Betty hot cloth cleanser review blog uk

Along Came Betty hot cloth cleanser review
Along Came Betty Pore Goodness Sake Hot Cloth Cleanser - Tesco
(available in store, but some other products from
the range are available online here)
Tesco is never really my first stop for skincare, but one Saturday morning when wandering down the aisles with my dad I spotted the Along Came Betty range. To be perfectly honest, it only caught my eye because of the massive reduced signs but I doubt I'm the only one! I bought three products for under £10 and this is the first of the three, and also my first ever hot cloth cleanser (ooooh bad beauty blogger).

On first glance, the packaging looks very pretty in that Soap & Glory-esque way that people are going crazy for at the moment. However much to my dismay it's actually a bit useless as it doesn't even have any instructions on... which I discovered after I'd thrown out the box. Maybe they were on there? I'm not sure, but it seems a bit pointless to put important info on the box that will almost definitely be thrown away and not on the tube of product itself.

The product itself smells lovely, it's like your usual kind of cleanser smell with a hint of cranberry. I'm assuming that the method of use is just the same as any other hot cloth cleanser - apply to damp skin then remove with a hot cloth... shocker. On application it feels lovely and creamy and is really easy to remove; however the muslin cloth that comes with it is a bit useless and flimsy so I use my Emma Hardie one instead. This cleanser leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft, not at all tight or stripped like some other cleansers do, however it does feel a little rich so it's not something I'll be using every day.

In all honesty I doubt I'll repurchase this purely because I want to try other brands, but it was a great introduction to hot cloth cleansers and a total bargain too! 

Have you ever tried anything from Along Came Betty?


3 Apr 2014


I thought it was about time that I shared a little update in regards to how I'm finding university life. It's pretty weird to think that I'm less than a month away from finishing my first year and it's also quite amazing to look at how far I've come since September.

So, back in my last post I had a ramble about how moving away for university was difficult for me. If I'm honest, that hasn't really changed - but it has got easier. I still hate being away from home, but last month I managed nearly four whole weeks without a visit home. While that may not be much for other people; it was a lot for me. It was made a lot easier by the fact that I had friends visiting every weekend and my dad ended up being in the city one night for work but I did still find myself having the occasional mope and spending a day or two feeling pretty sorry for myself. I have had a few moments since, such as coming home to find my bathroom flooded and everything absolutely soaked... that was an eventful evening. I made it through though and I'm very proud of myself for managing.

Workload wise, it's got a bit heavy. My first semester was nothing compared to my second! Thankfully I passed all of my first semester modules so I don't need to worry about any resits on top of all my work this semester. A fair portion (i.e. basically all) of my modules this semester have a really big focus on group work which has proved challenging at times but I'm sure will come in handy in the future. Despite the heavy workload there are some really enjoyable modules, such as Visual Merchandising & Store Design, and projects to take part in. For our Managing in the Creative Industries module we're having to put together a charity fashion exhibition (which you should all come to if you can!) and it's all coming together quite nicely.

Outside of academic work a big part of my university life is working on the student magazine - Radar (pretty please like our Facebook page). It's a massive commitment but also so much fun. Through the magazine I've met some amazing people and we get such fantastic opportunities, I'm really glad that I decided to join and would thoroughly recommend joining your student magazine if you think it's something that will interest you (and if you have one of course, if not - start one?!). Not only that, but our magazine won an award at our Student Achievement Awards for "Student Voice" and it was an absolutely incredible feeling knowing that our hard work was being validated.

Well then, I've nearly made it through my first year. Just three more to manage!


2 Apr 2014

FASHION: What's In My Bag

Primark - £12

1 - bottled water // 2 - River Island purse // 3 - Paperchase notebook // 4 - Paperchase diary // 5 - iPod touch & HMV headphones // 6 - iPhone 4S // 7 - Veo portable charger // 8 - Primark handwarmer // 
9 - Argan Oil face wipes // 10 - black pen // 11 - nail file // 12 - gel foot warmer // 13 - business cards // 
14 - keys (Cath Kidston fob) // 15 - umbrella // 16 - Palmer's Cocoa Butter hand cream // 17 - Nivea Raspberry Rose lip butter // 18 - Nivea Essential Care lip balm // 19 - mini Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara // 20 - mini Dove Pomegranate & Lemon deodorant // 21 - various tablets & plasters

I finally got a new bag not too long ago so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share an updated What's In My Bag post! This beauty is from Primark and is a total bargain at just £12, it looks a lot more expensive than it is. I love the double gold zips that add a bit of extra detailing while also dividing it up in to easier to manage sections. It's lovely and roomy, surprisingly enough it can fit my massive laptop which is very useful! Whilst the handles are a bit small for my liking I can still hold this in the crook of my arm or have the option of the shoulder strap if I want to go hands-free. I can be pretty fussy about my handbag but this is ideal for everyday use, university & travelling so fits the bill for me!

I carry some pretty standard stuff on a daily basis, as well as my university notebooks & textbooks when needed. I'm quite a hoarder so you can usually find lots of receipts and leaflets in there too alongside infinite kirby grips. I also tend to carry my camera, my Kindle or whatever book I'm reading and from time to time my 3DS sneaks it's way in there. 

I'm considering doing a separate post on what I have in my bag when travelling as it's a bit different, is that something you would like to see? I personally love What's In My Bag posts as I'm incredibly nosey, so if you've done any recently please leave a link to it in the comments!


1 Apr 2014

TUESDAY TEN: Motel Rocks

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10
The other day I remembered that I had £10 of store credit sitting in my Motel account due to being one of their Street Teamers, so I decided to have a little browse of what they currently have in store. I can always rely on Motel for amazing prints in varying styles so I found it a bit difficult to choose just ten things for this weeks post! If you fancy treating yourself to anything from the site you can use the code "coloursandcarousels" for 20% off! Not too shabby eh?

I think my favourite from this selection is probably the denim babydoll dress, but I love the print from the orange playsuit... tough choice. What about you, which is your favourite?

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