LIFESTYLE: Scottish Independence through the eyes of an ill informed 18 year old


So, Scottish Independence is everywhere right now (well in Scotland anyway…) and up until recently it was a subject that I mostly avoided. As the title suggests, I’m not overly well researched in the subject and didn’t feel like causing arguments when the topic came up in conversation previously. However with a mere six months to go until the referendum I decided that it was time I got myself informed. It’s an absolutely massive deal that I’m proud to be alive and a Scot of sorts (despite what my accent may suggest, I’ve lived in Scotland for the vast majority of my life and if you’re interested I consider myself as being British). This is something that will be part of the history of Scotland for thousands of years to come and I’m determined to cast the right vote.

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I consider myself to be British. A little back story here: I was born in Manchester and lived there for my very early years before moving to the Glasgow area. My mum is also from Manchester whereas my dad is from Glasgow, my brother was born and raised in Scotland. I have a very odd accent combination (always gets the taxi drivers talking!) that’s Mancunian with a Scottish tinge. It’s hard to describe I suppose, but according to my uncle I sound like Amy Pond from Dr Who.

My intention for this sort of mini-series of posts is to document my experiences with the referendum and see how my opinion changes based on research. My university is holding a few debates (I attended one last Monday) and I’m slowly working my way through the White Paper for Scottish Independence on my Kindle as well as reading various articles. I’m trying to start this from an unbiased view as the numerous scaremongering tactics used by the Yes & No campaigns has been very off-putting for me so far. As always, I’m incredibly open to hearing your opinions & views however I just want to make it clear that I won’t tolerate anything that I feel is forceful, offensive or just generally rude. What I write here is my opinion and you don’t have to agree with me, I just fancy sharing my thoughts on a very important time for my country.

Basically, every month I will just summarise what I’ve been reading/doing in regards to Scottish Independence and my general feelings towards the vote. As this is just a kind of introductory post (and a long one at that) I’ll just leave it here for now and pop up another post towards the end of the month on how I felt about the debate at my university, the White Paper (if I ever finish it) and my current attitude.

A few general things I’m concerned about are:
How will independence affect me as a young person in Scotland? (e.g. my education, career prospects, minimum wage, rights etc)
What will be done to help those most vulnerable such as the elderly, disabled and those in poverty?
What place do nuclear weapons have in Scotland? (this is something I feel quite strongly about, basically all of my essays in English were somewhat to do with nuclear weapons… or Michael Jackson but that’s another story)
Will I have to pay for prescriptions in an independent Scotland?
What affect will independence have on vital public services such as the NHS?
How will independence affect me if I want to work abroad in the future – even if it’s just England?
If Scotland becomes independent and is not accepted into/decides not to be part of the EU how easily will I be able to travel & trade between countries?
Obviously that’s not everything, but it’s just a few of my burning questions!

I hope it’s somewhat informative and interesting, I promise I’ll try not to ramble too much.