FASHION: Threads by The Shine Project

Bracelet – Threads by The Shine Project*

“Threads is a cause driven business that changes the future of at risk youth. They come from various backgrounds, but all have one thing in common: they want to break the cycle. By employing them, we instill values of self reliance and hard work. They are paid fair wages for the bracelets they make, and in turn are able to pay their way through school. Many of Threads employees are first generation college students. They dream of becoming nurses, broadcasters, writers and engineers.

Your purchase has directly impacted a student. Even beyond financial support, your belief in them is a symbol of hope and trust that they can achieve what for so long seemed impossible. By purchasing Threads you are wearing more than just a bracelet, you are wearing change.”

Education & experience are two things that are so very important in this day and age but not everyone has access to them. Ashley from The Shine Project decided that she wanted to change that, and so Threads was born. I personally think this is an absolutely fantastic cause, and the jewellery they produce is beautiful. My bracelet is such great quality and so wearable, I love the idea of “wearing change” and it’s been perched on my wrist most days. Unlike some other American based stores shipping isn’t a bitch either, I definitely fancy some more pieces if my tight budget permits!

If you fancy ordering one of the lovely pieces from Threads you can use the code “colours10” for 10% off!