18 Feb 2014


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I'm quite fussy when it comes to bags, hence why I've been searching for the perfect bag since last October. I usually either like quite muted tones (usually black or brown) or I go all out and go bright (green is a particular favourite). I think the shape and size I go for can be quite consistent, I tend to look for something that will fit my camera with ease. I particularly like the turquoise offering from ASOS (middle bottom) as I think it would make a lovely little camera bag in one of my favourite colours.

Which is your favourite?


  1. eeeh, 3 and 4 look so pretty! I'd love to be able to justify spending £300 for a Michael Korrs bag - that would be so perfect

  2. Ahh I have the pink version of number 2, I am in love with it haha <3 I really need (want) a new handbag though, 1 looks nice, I love the shape of it x


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