REVIEW: Seventeen Stay Pout lipstick in “It’s Complicated”

Seventeen Stay Pout lipstick review

Seventeen Stay Pout lipstick swatch
Seventeen Stay Pout lipstick in “It’s Complicated” – £4.49 from Boots

I bought this lipstick on a total whim as I was in Boots with a voucher for £2 off any lipstick, 100 points for any Seventeen product and triple points when you buy any lipstick or mascara. For a change I could use all of these vouchers in the one purchase so I decided to kill three birds with one stone (to alter a phrase) and picked up this lipstick for a mere £2.49 gaining a very nice 300 points to add to my Boots card! Essentially, this lipstick didn’t really cost me anything as that’s £3 worth of points (or so I keep telling myself).

I don’t know why I went for this shade, I think I just wanted a bit of a lighter pink (that’s not too light) to add to my collection. I was in a rush so just went by the colour on the tube – rookie mistake – which looked like a dusty pink. On application it’s actually a much brighter pink but still wearable; colour wise anyway.

I’m actually really disappointed in this lipstick, it applies well and has reasonable pigmentation, it doesn’t cling to dry patches on first application and isn’t overly drying. All seemed well at first, however when I got in to university a mere thirty minutes later (I hadn’t even had my usual morning tea from Costa yet!) my lipstick had turned in to a horrible, patchy, dry mess. It was awful and despite scrubbing it off right away I was paranoid about my lipstick looking awful all day. My lips aren’t overly dry and usually when applying lipstick I apply a balm, then a layer of lipstick, blot, apply a thin layer of translucent powder and apply another layer of lipstick to ensure lasting power. I thought that maybe this process was the reason behind this ultimate lipstick fail however I tried it again the next day without the powder & balm and the same thing happened.

So basically, it all started out very well, but soon diminished in to a completely unwearable lipstick that has been abolished to the back of my make up drawer (and will probably be thrown out quite soon).

Have you tried any of the Stay Pout lipsticks? Did you have the same issue – or is it just me?!