27 Feb 2014

OOTD: With a love this deep we don't need no sleep

Welcome to Awkward Outfit Photo Poses 101

Jumper dress - George @ Asda
Pinafore - Primark
Boots - New Look
(Generation 915, the shoes there go up to size 8 I think!)
Necklace - Primark
Scrabble ring - Sister Vintage (only 50p now!!)
Being the lazy arse I am I often look for long-ish jumpers that I can just throw on with a pair of leggings so when I spotted this monochrome daisy print culprit on the sale rack in Asda it was very quickly thrown in to my (mum's) trolley. Surprisingly enough, to me at least, I still haven't worn this with leggings, instead opting for a denim skirt on one occasion and this black pinafore on another. I feel a "three ways to wear" type post coming on...

As per usual all of my jewellery is from Primark & Sister Vintage. These are a couple of my favourite places to shop for jewellery (I also love Delilah Dust) as they always have great, on trend pieces for incredibly affordable prices. At the end of the month I'm planning on doing a bit of a jewellery update for Spring as I haven't really made any considerable purchases since around last August time.

I have a bit of a crazy week this week, and to honest I'm pretty busy until around the start of April when I have my spring break from university. Next month I have lots of people coming to visit me which I can't wait for, but it's going to be weird spending so much time in Aberdeen for a change.

At the moment I'm trying to do a bit of reading about Scottish Independence. It's fast approaching and a pretty big deal. I'm thinking about doing some sort of monthly series on it, basically just documenting what research I've been doing and seeing how it affects my opinion. If you're Scottish and taking part in the referendum, what's your current stance? I'd love to hear some different views from different people.



  1. Love the outfit and the chunky necklace. They seem to be my current favourite thing.

  2. I love this outfit - i tend to stick to wearing blouses under my pinafore but i might try a jumper under because it looks really good!
    Natalie xx

  3. I love your ring - has reminded me to wear my E one more often! Cute outfit :)


  4. I love your jumper dress, the print is so cute! I've only recently discovered ASDA's clothing range but they have some lovely stuff and some pretty brilliant sale bargains!

    Hannah @ Cutes and Fruits x


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