21 Feb 2014

FOOD: Cocktail & Burger

Apologies for the awful quality of photos, I hadn't intended on blogging about Cocktail & Burger so didn't take my camera however after I tried it I knew I had to share! Luckily my phone isn't half bad and I'm one of those people who like to Instagram food before I eat it...

For our Valentine's meal Paddy & I decided that the Sunday suited us best as I was travelling down to Glasgow from Aberdeen on the Friday and we had other plans on the Saturday, so come Sunday night we headed in to the city centre to try out Cocktail & Burger on Sauchiehall Street. As the name suggests, they serve various burgers (and hot dogs!) accompanied by numerous cocktails alongside some softs, beers and spirits. Neither of us has visited before but they had a pretty decent reputation and purse friendly prices!

I opted for the pulled pork offering topped with cider soaked onions (and chips) with a raspberry daiquiri whilst Paddy had a cheese & bacon burger (also with chips) and some sort of beer-y drink... I can't remember exactly what it was but it's meant to be similar to Peroni - possibly Beer Lao? Both of our meals were delicious (I tried both) and the my cocktail was great for just a fiver. For dessert we shared their only option - battered ice cream with a dark chocolate shard and salted caramel sauce - and I can confirm that it is amazing. Weird, but amazing. It's like eating ice cream that's inside a doughnut? I think that's the best way to describe it.

So, if you're in Glasgow and looking for somewhere to eat I would definitely recommend Cocktail & Burger. I personally can't wait to get back and have another meal! I really fancy trying out their lunch deal which is a burger & fries for a fiver.

Anywhere you would recommend for food in Glasgow? I've got an ever-growing list of places to try!


  1. I'm not a big fan of meat burgers, being a vegetarian and everything but the cocktails looks amazing!!

    - Natalie
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  2. that burger looks proper nice, and the cocktail too! thank you for making me REAAAAAAALLY hungry! haha xx

  3. I love Cocktail and Burger! I've actually only tried the cocktail part of the menu so far though - you should try the Skull Punch cocktails (there's a photo of the MASSIVE skull glass on my Instagram if you fancy checking it out).

    For burgers, I really recommend Nice n Sleazys just a little further up Sauchiehall Street - they're so massive and tasty!


  4. Yum yum yum, no worries! You gotta take photos with whatever you have when you're out! The burger looks sooo good!

  5. Cocktails AND burgers? Now that is a combination I can truly appreciate! Great review hon, I've never been to Glasgow so I'm not sure about good places to go, do document them once you try some more!

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  6. What an awesome name for a restaurant! If we had someplace similar I'm sure we would be there all the time. Although I'd probably be more partial to the cocktails while my husband would enjoy the burgers, so basically it would be the perfect fit!

  7. I am also one of "those" people! Looks/sounds amazing! Almost worth the 400 mile trip to Glasgow for it!! Heehee! xx


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