Happy Valentine’s day! I know, I know – just another day… I’m just looking forward to reduced chocolate next week.

Aside from my new Tuesday Ten feature I haven’t really posted a wishlist in a while so I thought I’d go for something a bit tech-y instead of fashion-y. I’m one of those people who is never really off of their phone (playing that stupid Flappy Bird) and always has their camera out and about so it seemed apt.

Nikon 35mm 1.8f lens – I adore my 50mm lens, but sometimes I feel like the focal point is far too cropped so I would like to try something with a slightly wider angle! A low F stop is key in my choice of lens so 1.8f is perfect for me. As much as I love the size of the prime lenses in comparison to the kit lens I just wish Nikon would come out with a decent, affordable pancake lens to completely optimise the portability.

Headphones – My iPod is always on me, if I’m walking to the bus or on my usual 3 hour journey home from university I’m playing something (usually Katy Perry…). At the moment I’m making do with some little in-ear headphones which I do like, but they’re just not noise cancelling enough for me at the moment! After one too many bus journeys with crying children I need something that will totally block out the world so thought this lovely coral pair would do the job.

iPad Air – I go through phases of wanting an iPad desperately then not being fussed at all by them. I already have an iPhone and an iPod touch so sometimes it feels a bit pointless, but then when I’m on those long bus journeys I’m wishing I had a decent sized screen to watch a movie or tv show on (not going to lie, more often that not it’s the Katy Perry movie… I’m seeing a pattern here). I just think it would be super handy to have for entertainment (Flappy Bird), reading magazines, university and feeding my social media addiction. For a while I was tempted by the mini but when the Air appeared on the scene it was love at first sight. One day.

Camera bag – At the moment I’m sporting a very attractive black and orange number that squeaks like nobody’s business. I love Grafea’s pastel camera bags but feel like for the massive price the tan version is a better choice as it’d go with a lot more. Ideally, I’m after a pretty bag that will fit my camera and at least one lens (two in an ideal world) with accessories like cables and remotes that’s also an affordable price so it’s proving a bit difficult.

Wireless camera remote – This feels like a pointless inclusion because as you’ll have seen last week in this post I’ve actually already bought a remote for my camera… this post was originally intended to be published last week but I was so desperate to share my find with you all that I postponed it slightly! It had been on my wishlist for a very long time, so if it’s on yours too check out my review to see what I thought!

What are you fancying at the moment?