EVENT: Rainbow Room International

So… confession time. I haven’t been to a hairdresser in well over a year. As much as I’d love to, it’s money I  don’t have and I never know what I actually want to do with my hair. Instead I just kind of leave it to do it’s own thing and for now it’ll do!

Last Wednesday the lovely folk at AJC PR hosted a wee get together with drinks and nibbles for us Scottish bloggers at the amazing Rainbow Room International salon in Royal Exchange Square where the staff and stylists were showing off their skills and treatments. My hair was in a pretty untameable mood that night so I decided to stick to the sidelines and watch whilst other bloggers had their hair styled, nails painted and facials. There’s something a tiny bit hypnotic about watching people have their hair plaited, it’s very relaxing…

After seeing the massive range of what is on offer at Rainbow Room I’m currently wishing I had a little more disposable income to treat my hair to some well needed TLC. It was an absolutely lovely evening and I’m so grateful to have been invited, hopefully I’ll be visiting again at some point in the future!