24 Jan 2014

Share The Love - January



Kate - Megan - Becky
Is anyone else having issues with images showing at a crazy low quality on Blogger? I've turned off all of the auto-enhance G+ crap but it persists regardless... could this be the thing that pushes me to Wordpress?

Anyway! We're getting towards the end of January already so it's time to share this month's favourites. It was pretty easy for me this month as I've been absolutely devouring these three lovely ladies' blogs, as Kevin Bacon says in that overplayed EE advert - it's a no brainer.

Kate's blog is my beauty bible, so many purchases have ensued because of her recommendations. She also has a fantastic YouTube channel and possibly the best accent I've ever heard. Recently I've loved this post about Kate's budget skincare detox picks.

Megan's blog induces some serious hair envy - you have been warned. She posts the most beautiful outfits and makes me wish I lived by the sea (with my mermaid hair of course). Megan is also taking part in a Project 365 this year and I've been loving keeping up with all of her photos, which you can find here.

Becky's blog is a bit of an all rounder for me, I'm always checking to see if there's a new post and instantly devour it if there is! After a few chats on Twitter I can confirm that she is lovely, and also absolutely hilarious. She often posts some very useful tips for blogging - especially keeping organised - and I found it very difficult to pick just one favourite post to share, however I absolutely love her "Becky Reads Company" posts so you can have a peek at the latest one here.

As usual, I'm always after some new reads - who have you been loving lately?

One final thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!


  1. I adore both Megan and Kate's blogs! Such wonderful little corners of the web, and I'll defo be checking Becky's out too cause it sounds lovely! x


  2. Oh goodness, that EE advert *tears ears off* I love all these blogs :) xx

  3. I adore Kate's blog and read it every single day. The others I haven't heard of but need to check out (:

  4. I've been loving Oceanic Stars recently!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  5. Agree with your choices...I follow all via Bloglovin. x


  6. I love ghostparties, but I haven't read the other two so I'll have to check them out! x


  7. I love discovering new blogs... great fun.


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