REVIEW: Tresemme Thermal Recovery Deep Treatment Masque

Tresemme Thermal Recovery Deep Treament Masque – £2
(Usually £4.80/500ml from Tesco, may also available at Boots & Superdrug but not online)

So there I was on a typical Saturday morning trying to sneak hair dye in to my dad’s trolley without him realising when I spied this massive tub of Tresemme Thermal Recovery Deep Treatment hair masque for just two pounds. Seeing as I was about to colour my (already fried) hair I decided it was worth a shot and popped it in the trolley.

Tresemme are a brand that I used to turn to for everything haircare wise, however after delving in to world of beauty blogging I started to experiment with some new products and had since left them behind. My hair is in pretty awful condition at the moment (I’m blaming the hair dye, weather and excessive festive styling) so I’ve been using the Argan oil gift set my mum got me for Christmas quite regularly in order to tame it.

This masque is used just like a conditioner, you apply the same amount of conditioner you would usually use after shampooing, comb it through and leave it for 3-5 minutes before washing it out. The first time I used this I used waaaaay too much product which left my hair absolutely bursting with the product (it washed out fine and didn’t feel greasy afterwards) but since this first time I’ve been using considerably less to make sure I get the maximum use  from this tub. As my hairs been in pretty shameful condition recently I’ve been using this about 3 times a week for nearly three weeks now and I’ve barely made a dent in the tub.

I’ve noticed a fair difference with my hair since I started using this product, it’s a lot softer and shinier, feels much less damaged and now dries quicker naturally which is a dream come true. My hair usually takes hours to dry properly unless you use excessive heat which is something I’m trying not to do right now. Overall I’m really impressed with this masque, especially considering the price! I think this tub will last me ages but if I see it on offer again I’ll definitely be picking it up – although I really think it’s worth the full price for the amount of product you get.

Have you tried this masque, or do you have another must-use favourite I should know about?