15 Jan 2014

Modcloth Polyvore Outfit Challenge


I used to be pretty obsessed with Polyvore a few years ago, so when Modcloth got in touch asking if I'd like to take part in their weekly Polyvore outfit challenge I thought it was time to reignite my obsession. Basically, every week Polyvore are challenging people to put together a set featuring their item of the week - in this case the "In the Key of Chic" dress - with up to seven other pieces to create an outfit. 

With this dress being so colourful I decided to pick one key colour and use that for the accessories and as you can see I picked red! I think it was the whole Dorothy vibe of the glittery red heels that drew me to picking red but I think red accessories can be pretty fail-safe on the whole. They add a pop of colour without looking overboard. I'm desperate for that bag now, it's so cute!

What would you pair with this dress?



  1. everything is so cute :) love it


  2. Love the shoes and I wanted to buy a bag that looks just like that a few days ago.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  3. love the outfit you've put together! so cute. also got the feel of Dorthy before I read the post! :)
    Lauren @ OhHayBlogs

  4. This whole outfit is beautiful! Modcloth has such gorgeous dresses and those Dorothy shoes are amazing.


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