Cocktails in tea cups at Hillhead Bookclub

I was actually going to save this post for a couple of weeks time to keep to my totally strict schedule but in true blogger fashion I couldn’t resist raving about my current favourite foodie haunt in Glasgow. I first discovered Hillhead Bookclub last summer when going out for belated birthday cocktails and shopping with my bestest Sarah and it’s been love ever since. I visited again in December for Paddy’s birthday and we were given some 20% off vouchers and so when Sarah suggested another lunch date yesterday I quickly suggested we revisit and she agreed!

The Bookclub really isn’t a book club, instead it’s a lovely little eclectic cafe-pub combo in Glasgow’s west end. The food is cheap as chips and absolutely delicious – especially the potato wedges. I usually go for the club sandwich however after having a bite of Paddy’s burger back when we visited was feeling a bit tempted. Luckily for us, Sarah and I were both struggling to choose between the same meals so ordered both to share! As we are such classy ladies we just had to have a cocktail and I was absolutely delighted when mine turned up in a teacup – too cute. For dessert I opted for an amazing chocolate brownie (that I couldn’t finish) whereas Sarah went for the banoffee pie which was also delicious. Altogether, this lovely lunch cost us just £15 each, which when you consider the price of the cocktails (we went for the expensive £6 ones) means that we got two massive courses for just £9! Total bargain I’d say.

If you’re ever in the west end of Glasgow and after a bite to eat I would wholeheartedly recommend the Bookclub, it has a lovely atmosphere and is definitely one of my favourite places to visit at the moment.

If you’re a Glasgow dweller, or even Aberdeen as I’m away back up in just over a week, do you have any recommendations for eating establishments? I’m determined to try lots of new places and branch away from my usual TGI Fridays/Pizza Hut/DiMaggio’s meals, although the TGI’s mozzarella dippers still own my heart as far as cheese based starters go.