Another Year Over

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I’m sure you’re all seriously fed up of seeing these ‘yearly round up’ posts but seeing as 2013 was a pretty massive year for me I’ve decided that I’m doing one too! Basically, I thought I’d just sum up some of the key things that happened for me 2013 then have a wee think about things I would like to happen in 2014. Isn’t it crazy that it’s 2014 already?!

January marked a whole year without any overnight hospital stays and the one year anniversary of my operation, my mum celebrated a big birthday and it was also the month that I got in to university to study the course of my dreams. Sadly, this was also the month that we suddenly lost our beautiful baby kitten, Hamish, who I still miss like crazy.

February was a quieter month, it was my dad’s birthday at the beginning and I remember very vividly getting the flu at the end of the month… I got to see Two Door Cinema Club this month and their support act was one of my now favourite bands – Bastille.

At the beginning of March I went to visit my future university for a weekend and then I left school early. This was a pretty major decision but I’m so happy I did it. Also in March I started my driving lessons and attended my first blogger events at Benefit and (according to Facebook) I first became friends with Hayley. At the end of March I went to the amazing Michael Jackson Immortal Cirque Du Soleil World Tour with my cousin – I wish I could go again!

April saw quite a few 18th birthdays (sadly not mine) as well as meeting Hayley in person for the first time! It was also the month that the idea for Paperbacks and Beauty Facts was born and I met some more lovely bloggers.

In May I “officially” left school (i.e. I got my leavers hoody) and went to see Lana Del Rey. My boyfriend passed his driving test (and so the taxi duty began) and my brother turned 15.

My prom was in June and it was amazing. I got to wear a pretty dress. Primark started selling online (for a while) which is obviously a highlight of my year. It was also my three year anniversary with my lovely boyfriend and we celebrated by going to the zoo (in July) to see the penguins.

The first week of July I jetted off to Kavos for a week in the sun with my friends. It was amazing, a totally crazy week. I went to the zoo as previously mentioned, got to see Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes (also my first gig with my dad), met my future flatmates and then I turned 18 (and failed my first driving test, oops).

In August I got to see Kings of Leon, Admiral Fallow and The Courteeners in the pouring rain. I also went to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show on stage AND got to see Corrie being filmed back in my hometown of Prestwich! At the end of the month I popped down to London for an amazing long weekend where I spent a lot of money and ate a lot of  food.

September was a biggie. I had a lovely weekend away with my family in Northumberland, then I packed up and moved out up north for university. I was a bit miserable to start out with but things got better. I also failed a second driving test… and got a bit sad about that too. This was the month I met my now bestie Eilidh!

October was very university focused, I was appointed Fashion Editor for my university magazine (!) and I carved a pumpkin shaped like a cat (standard). I also got to meet lots of lovely bloggers at FABB, as well as discover some delicious fudge and meet the Mallzee folk. Facebook has just reminded me that it was also the month that the fire alarm went off in my block whilst I was in the shower and got to meet the rest of my block in my towel. Fun.

November was another kinda quiet month. I had a week off from university which I spent doing coursework and playing the Sims. Our fire alarm was broken at half 4 in the morning which resulted in a very sleepless night (I swear I can still hear it ringing in my ears).

December has been a bit busier! Obviously there’s the usual Christmas festivities in Manchester and my weekend in Edinburgh but aside from that it was my boyfriend’s 19th birthday and I popped down to Birmingham for the day to visit the Clothes Show!

In 2014 I would like to spend more time on my blog // eventually pass my driving test // go on a blogger’s holiday // grow my hair // read more books // pass my first year of university // get a new job // persuade my mum and dad that we should get another cat // make new friends // move in to my first “proper” flat // build my youtube channel // keep a journal // be more confident // take more photos.

What would you like to achieve in 2014?