26 Jan 2014

365 Project - Week 4

This was the week that I abandoned the prompts. I felt like they restricted me a bit, so instead I just wanted to find inspiration in the things I do every day - watch tv in my pjs while sheltering from the rain.
Big events this week included my lovely Mum's birthday on Friday when I attempted to make and decorate a yummy cake for her, I have since realised that writing on cakes is not my forte. Next week I'm taking her for afternoon tea on Monday, then I have an event on Wednesday and before you know it Saturday will roll around and I'll be on my way back to Aberdeen for my second semester of university.

Happy Sunday x


  1. The cake looks awesome! Well done :)

  2. Your 365s make me so jealous! I'm not using the prompts for the same reason- I don't want to feel restricted.

  3. These photos are lovely. And that cake looks amazing - so chocolate-y and the stars and love hearts are so cute!


    p.s. I didn't realise my boyfriend was logged in to his email account on this laptop, which is why this comment was first posted under "Samuel"!


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