31 Jan 2014


Best email ever // catching up on blogs // 500 followers!! // afternoon tea
Cat cuddles // Rainbow Room blogger event // taking lots of photos // being reunited with my best friend
Cocktails in teacups // handing in coursework // (this is actually from December but it's my favourite picture)
This month I've been:

Reading - Girlfriend in a Coma, coursework related books, Suitcase Magazine (new favourite)

Watching - Elementary, Sherlock, House (I sense a theme...), Revenge, The Thick Of It and some films which will get their own special review post oooooh!

Doing - Loads! Finished all of my semester one coursework, passed my driving test, reached 500 followers, got accepted to be an ASOS insider, made lots of lists (lots of blog planning!), enjoyed plenty of cocktails and eaten a lot of yummy desserts.

Looking forward to - Starting my new modules next week, being back in Aberdeen (and having my double bed), the Scottish Bloggers Meet Up in March, finally getting insured on my mum's car, having Eilidh come to visit Glasgow... so many things to look forward to!

29 Jan 2014

JANUARY PLAYLIST- Somewhere Somehow by We The Kings

Somewhere Somehow by We The Kings - available on iTunes 
We The Kings are a band that pop up time and time again in my playlists, so when their new album came out in December I thought it was only fair that I gave it the "PRISM treatment". I first started listening to We The Kings back when I was around 14 and first heard Check Yes Juliet however after a while they slipped off of my radar for a while. When I was introduced to my now idols Charles & Alli Trippy (of CTFxC) I also rediscovered the band as Charles is now the bass player.

Somewhere Somehow was released on December 16th however four singles - Just Keep Breathing, Find You There, Any Other Way and Art Of War - were released earlier in the year. The album has 13 new songs and is hilariously described as "emo-pop".

The album - for me - is the perfect mix of slightly punk-ish pop rock (leaning more on the pop side) with fairly more radio-pop sounds than their previous albums. I personally feel it's much better on the whole in comparison to their previous releases, as despite having some amazing songs on the earlier albums Somewhere Somehow feels much more complete and I enjoy the vast majority of the album instead of just a handful of songs.

Despite 'I Like It' being awfully similar to Fall Out Boy's 'My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" it's actually a really good song that I was kind of surprised to like and I find it playing in my head on a regular basis. The most recent single 'Art Of War' was originally written to be included in The Hunger Games however in the end wasn't used, fun wee fact for you there.

Overall, I think this is a great album that you should definitely give a chance. It's quite a grower, so don't discount it at first listen!

(you should also totally watch Charles and Alli's daily vlogging channel)


28 Jan 2014

TUESDAY TEN: Smock Dresses

Missguided - ASOS - Boohoo - Boohoo - Boohoo

ASOS - ASOS - ASOS - Minkpink (via ASOS) - Missguided
Despite being probably the most unflattering style of dress I could fall in love with I just can't get over smock dresses. Ideal for disguising food babies and also super comfy they're basically my dream dress and there's an abundance of styles available right now. ASOS have killer smock game, but Boohoo and Missguided are coming on strong too... it's hard to resist.

Which one of these dresses is your favourite? I can't quite decide!

27 Jan 2014

REVIEW: Tresemme Thermal Recovery Deep Treatment Masque

Tresemme Thermal Recovery Deep Treament Masque - £2
(Usually £4.80/500ml from Tesco, may also available at Boots & Superdrug but not online)
So there I was on a typical Saturday morning trying to sneak hair dye in to my dad's trolley without him realising when I spied this massive tub of Tresemme Thermal Recovery Deep Treatment hair masque for just two pounds. Seeing as I was about to colour my (already fried) hair I decided it was worth a shot and popped it in the trolley.

Tresemme are a brand that I used to turn to for everything haircare wise, however after delving in to world of beauty blogging I started to experiment with some new products and had since left them behind. My hair is in pretty awful condition at the moment (I'm blaming the hair dye, weather and excessive festive styling) so I've been using the Argan oil gift set my mum got me for Christmas quite regularly in order to tame it.

This masque is used just like a conditioner, you apply the same amount of conditioner you would usually use after shampooing, comb it through and leave it for 3-5 minutes before washing it out. The first time I used this I used waaaaay too much product which left my hair absolutely bursting with the product (it washed out fine and didn't feel greasy afterwards) but since this first time I've been using considerably less to make sure I get the maximum use  from this tub. As my hairs been in pretty shameful condition recently I've been using this about 3 times a week for nearly three weeks now and I've barely made a dent in the tub.

I've noticed a fair difference with my hair since I started using this product, it's a lot softer and shinier, feels much less damaged and now dries quicker naturally which is a dream come true. My hair usually takes hours to dry properly unless you use excessive heat which is something I'm trying not to do right now. Overall I'm really impressed with this masque, especially considering the price! I think this tub will last me ages but if I see it on offer again I'll definitely be picking it up - although I really think it's worth the full price for the amount of product you get.

Have you tried this masque, or do you have another must-use favourite I should know about?

26 Jan 2014

365 Project - Week 4

This was the week that I abandoned the prompts. I felt like they restricted me a bit, so instead I just wanted to find inspiration in the things I do every day - watch tv in my pjs while sheltering from the rain.
Big events this week included my lovely Mum's birthday on Friday when I attempted to make and decorate a yummy cake for her, I have since realised that writing on cakes is not my forte. Next week I'm taking her for afternoon tea on Monday, then I have an event on Wednesday and before you know it Saturday will roll around and I'll be on my way back to Aberdeen for my second semester of university.

Happy Sunday x

24 Jan 2014

Share The Love - January



Kate - Megan - Becky
Is anyone else having issues with images showing at a crazy low quality on Blogger? I've turned off all of the auto-enhance G+ crap but it persists regardless... could this be the thing that pushes me to Wordpress?

Anyway! We're getting towards the end of January already so it's time to share this month's favourites. It was pretty easy for me this month as I've been absolutely devouring these three lovely ladies' blogs, as Kevin Bacon says in that overplayed EE advert - it's a no brainer.

Kate's blog is my beauty bible, so many purchases have ensued because of her recommendations. She also has a fantastic YouTube channel and possibly the best accent I've ever heard. Recently I've loved this post about Kate's budget skincare detox picks.

Megan's blog induces some serious hair envy - you have been warned. She posts the most beautiful outfits and makes me wish I lived by the sea (with my mermaid hair of course). Megan is also taking part in a Project 365 this year and I've been loving keeping up with all of her photos, which you can find here.

Becky's blog is a bit of an all rounder for me, I'm always checking to see if there's a new post and instantly devour it if there is! After a few chats on Twitter I can confirm that she is lovely, and also absolutely hilarious. She often posts some very useful tips for blogging - especially keeping organised - and I found it very difficult to pick just one favourite post to share, however I absolutely love her "Becky Reads Company" posts so you can have a peek at the latest one here.

As usual, I'm always after some new reads - who have you been loving lately?

One final thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!

22 Jan 2014

FACE OF THE DAY: Dust off your highest hopes

MAC Fix+ // MUA Pro Brow palette // Sleek Storm Palette (review here)
Collection Lasting Perfection concealer // Rimmel Stay Matte powder // Maybelline Baby Skin (review here)
MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter (review here) // Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara
Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick shade 19 // Rimmel Exaggerate liquid eyeliner
(applied using Real Techniques brushes)
I can't even remember the last time I posted a FOTD, and seeing as I've bought a couple of new make up bits lately (reviews linked in caption) I thought I'd show them off properly! This is probably quite similar to my daily make up if I'm just going to uni or shopping but I wouldn't normally wear much eyeshadow - I only have the tiniest hint on here so it didn't show up very well. I used the 2nd, 3rd and 4th shades from the top row of my favoured Storm palette. I wear this Rimmel lipstick nearly every single day and without a doubt recommend it very highly. I love all of the Kate Moss lipsticks however this is my absolute favourite and I more often than not just build the colour a bit more for a night out.

What are your daily make up essentials?

21 Jan 2014

Cocktails in tea cups at Hillhead Bookclub

I was actually going to save this post for a couple of weeks time to keep to my totally strict schedule but in true blogger fashion I couldn't resist raving about my current favourite foodie haunt in Glasgow. I first discovered Hillhead Bookclub last summer when going out for belated birthday cocktails and shopping with my bestest Sarah and it's been love ever since. I visited again in December for Paddy's birthday and we were given some 20% off vouchers and so when Sarah suggested another lunch date yesterday I quickly suggested we revisit and she agreed!

The Bookclub really isn't a book club, instead it's a lovely little eclectic cafe-pub combo in Glasgow's west end. The food is cheap as chips and absolutely delicious - especially the potato wedges. I usually go for the club sandwich however after having a bite of Paddy's burger back when we visited was feeling a bit tempted. Luckily for us, Sarah and I were both struggling to choose between the same meals so ordered both to share! As we are such classy ladies we just had to have a cocktail and I was absolutely delighted when mine turned up in a teacup - too cute. For dessert I opted for an amazing chocolate brownie (that I couldn't finish) whereas Sarah went for the banoffee pie which was also delicious. Altogether, this lovely lunch cost us just £15 each, which when you consider the price of the cocktails (we went for the expensive £6 ones) means that we got two massive courses for just £9! Total bargain I'd say.

If you're ever in the west end of Glasgow and after a bite to eat I would wholeheartedly recommend the Bookclub, it has a lovely atmosphere and is definitely one of my favourite places to visit at the moment.

If you're a Glasgow dweller, or even Aberdeen as I'm away back up in just over a week, do you have any recommendations for eating establishments? I'm determined to try lots of new places and branch away from my usual TGI Fridays/Pizza Hut/DiMaggio's meals, although the TGI's mozzarella dippers still own my heart as far as cheese based starters go.

20 Jan 2014

REVIEW: MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter

MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter - £3 from Superdrug
I'd seen this MUA highlighter gracing a few blogs for a while now but it just never seemed to be in stock when I was in Superdrug. I finally managed to get a hold of it a few weeks ago and thought I'd share my first impressions of this bargain highlighter from one of my favourite brands.

The product itself is packaged in a white plastic compact with a clear lid which is pretty standard for this kind of product, I find the compact a bit difficult to open sometimes but that's probably just me and my butterfingers. The highlighter is a lovely pale pink with a very fine shimmer and seems to have a bit of a baked finish on the top. This finish made it a bit hard to get a decent amount of colour pay off at first but after scraping it away a bit it was much easier to use.

Highlighters are a bit difficult to photograph I think, so I use a couple of layers for the swatch above (full face of the day post coming on Wednesday). I found the actual product quite chalky at first however it blended quite easily and gave a really pretty subtle glow. I personally prefer a more peach or champagne toned highlighter, or just one that is less pink, so I only use a touch of this in my every day make up and opt for the highlighter in my Sleek Contour Kit when making more of an effort with my face.

Overall, for £3 you can't really go wrong, it's a great little highlighter and I think it will last me quite a while. I still prefer my Sleek Contour Kit highlighter because of the shade but it's a bit pricier as you can't purchase it separately. If you're after a more pearly pink highlighter then this could be the one for you!

What's your favourite high street highlighter?


19 Jan 2014

365 Project - Week 3


Makes Me Smile

Three things (bath bomb, candle and bath, mmm)

Black and white (couldn't resist)



Happy place
So it's been one hell of a week this week. I was back up to Aberdeen at the beginning of the week to hand in the final pieces of coursework for my first semester, then came back down and finally passed my driving test! Safe to say 2014 has started off pretty well so far, here's hoping it continues.

17 Jan 2014

2014 Goals: Ticking off the list

Whilst this year I didn't make any resolutions as such I did have a few goals for the year, some of which I shared in my 2013 round up post. A lot of them were quite general and a tad unmeasurable however a couple of them are very obviously measurable and one of these I have finally achieved!

If you follow me on any form of social media then you will have probably seen my panicky tweets on Tuesday night then my absolute shock and sheer joy on Wednesday morning when I finally passed my driving test. This was my third time attempting the test as I seem to have a bit of a problem with my nerves under pressure but this time I somehow managed to keep my cool and not break down in tears. The weirdest thing for me is that I actually got less minors on both of the tests I failed than the one I passed... it's funny how it works sometimes.

I'd been doing driving lessons for about 10 months so I'm absolutely over the moon that I've passed my test and can now drive whenever I fancy... as soon as I eventually get insured (insurance costs suck). I also seem to have taken a sudden interest in car adverts and my heart flutters whenever I see a Mini Cooper, Fiat 500 or a Nissan Micra - this definitely didn't happen before!

How are you getting on with your goals for this year?

15 Jan 2014

Modcloth Polyvore Outfit Challenge


I used to be pretty obsessed with Polyvore a few years ago, so when Modcloth got in touch asking if I'd like to take part in their weekly Polyvore outfit challenge I thought it was time to reignite my obsession. Basically, every week Polyvore are challenging people to put together a set featuring their item of the week - in this case the "In the Key of Chic" dress - with up to seven other pieces to create an outfit. 

With this dress being so colourful I decided to pick one key colour and use that for the accessories and as you can see I picked red! I think it was the whole Dorothy vibe of the glittery red heels that drew me to picking red but I think red accessories can be pretty fail-safe on the whole. They add a pop of colour without looking overboard. I'm desperate for that bag now, it's so cute!

What would you pair with this dress?


13 Jan 2014

REVIEW: Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Erasing Primer

image of Maybelline Baby Skin applicator

image of the Maybelline Baby Skin formula
Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser - £7.99 (Online or in store at Boots, in store at Superdrug)
When I first heard about Maybelline Baby Skin I was intrigued to say the least. Having seen other beauty bloggers going mad for it and claim it was a decent dupe for my beloved Benefit Porefessional at a much lower price (£7.99 compared to £24.50) my sights were set on giving it a go - despite not being overly keen on the name...

It took a while for me to hunt down as the first day I was shopping after the launch it was sold out pretty much everywhere - in total I tried three Superdrug stores and four Boots - but when I ventured back in to town the next day to return something the stocks had been miraculously replenished so I could get my mitts on it! (Maybelline is also on buy one get one half price in Boots right now if anyone's interested)

The Baby Skin packaging is not dissimilar to the cult favourite Baby Lips with the pastel blue packaging and pink font. I was quite surprised to see the size of it as it was considerably smaller than I was expecting - I was tempted to pick up two but decided to try it out first. Upon researching I've discovered that it actually holds the exact same amount of product as a tube of Porefessional so I'm not overly bothered by the size.

Maybelline claim that Baby Skin provides a "smooth, pore-less finish" in a second and I have to say that I agree. The formula itself dispenses as a clear gel which can be applied as either a base or over make up. I personally prefer to use this as a base because I don't like to wear a lot of foundation on a daily basis and I feel like this improves the appearance of my skin. I was expecting a slightly creamier, coloured formula much like Benefit's Porefessional however in comparison the two apply very similarly.

I feel like Baby Skin creates a lovely matte base with a slightly velvet finish, it blurs my imperfections and just makes my skin feel (and look) a lot smoother. With the Porefessional I feel like I use a lot more product when applying however I only need a very small amount of Baby Skin. I definitely think that it's nearly the exact same as the Porefessional and (as much as I adore Benefit's offering) coming in at at a considerably lower price it's definitely taken the place as my go-to primer.

Have you tried Baby Skin? How do you feel about it?

12 Jan 2014

365 Project - Week 2

Found (in the sale)

Happens every day

Upside down

Lucky number



Looking down
I feel like too many of these photos feature Ginger, but he's just such a willing model. This week has been coursework, coursework, coursework so a couple of these are old favourites. Luckily I'm all finished now and have three weeks left before I go back to Aberdeen for my second semester so I'm investing a lot of time in to this little blog, my photography... and Netflix.

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