11 Dec 2013

The Christmas Bucket List Tag

Our Christmas tree last year
So ma pal Hayley tagged me in her Christmas Bucket List post and my first reaction was "Crap. Now I have to think of something or admit that my only aim for the month is to eat my body weight in Dairy Milk and Terry's Chocolate Oranges. Anyway, I managed to think of a couple of things... So here goes.

1. Go ice skating & visit the Christmas Markets - totally just stealing Hayley's idea here but it's something I love to do and sadly haven't been able to do for a few years! Last year I was too busy working and the year before that I was unwell so hopefully I can visit this year. I'm pretty sure there's outdoor ice skating in Aberdeen but if not I'll go to George Square instead!

2. Give my camera the love it deserves - while hunting for a festive photo to use in this post I stumbled across some of my photography work from last Christmas and am now feeling a sense of longing to do some non blog related photography. Sadly I've been pretty busy but Christmas is one of my favourite times to photograph and hopefully my camera will get it's much deserved outing!

3. Go to a drive in movie - this is a bit of a cop out because I know I will be doing this. I'm going to see Home Alone at Loch Lomond Shores with my lovely boyfriend and I'm super excited for it! I've only ever seen drive in movies in films so it'll be an experience, I've already been planning my picnic...

4. Finish all my coursework - speaks for itself.

5. Eat my body weight in Dairy Milk & Terry's Chocolate Oranges - it wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't.



  1. Lovely post! So festive!

    Emma x

  2. You should come to Edinburgh Winter Wonderland with me ;)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  3. Oooh I'd love to go to a drive in movie, like you I've only seen them in films. As for the outdoor ice rink, we drove past the Aberdeen one on Sunday and it looked small, you would probably be better going to the one in Glasgow :).

    Enjoy eating all your chocolate oranges (have you seen the mini segments you get? Sainsburys have a bag of them for £1)!


  4. What a lovely holiday bucket list. I kind want to do the photography thing too since all I am doing lately is for my blog! I hope we can do it though!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  5. this is such a cute post! loving the rest of your blog too, just followd you on bloglovin and blogger, keep in touch love xx


  6. im still so jealous of the drive in movie!


  7. Haha I love the last one!



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