OOTD – When it rains it really pours

Top – Topshop
Skirt – Primark

This was not a weather suitable outfit, as I soon learned almost the second I left my flat. Not only was the skirt not appropriate for such a windy day, the non-super cosy tights and pretty thin top made for some serious chills. Even my massive jacket couldn’t keep the cold out! I’ll be sticking to lots and lots of layers from now on.

These photos have made me realise how much my hair needs dyeing or cutting or just some sort of maintenance. It’s meant to just be brown at the moment but it’s starting to fade a fair bit where my blonde used to be at the tips and going a tad gingery. I can’t decide if I like it or not… I miss my ombre but I felt it was time for a change… Said change actually happened in October but my lack of decent blog posts meant it was undocumented!

On a slightly different note, I noticed the other day – purely by chance – that Skimlinks had somehow appeared on my blog. This was not through my doing and the situation is in the process of being sorted, so if any more do appear please let me know! I don’t plan on having masses of pay per click ads on here as I would much rather keep it to just promoting other blogs and businesses in ways that I feel appropriate and unobtrusive; so I was more than a bit peeved when I noticed them. I’m pretty angry (and very disappointed) in how the whole situation arose but I’m trying to sort it out without airing it all online first.

As usual, life is just work, work and more work at the moment. Yet still I seem to find time to watch lots of pointless movies on Netflix. Hm.