2 Dec 2013

Monthly Round Up - November

MCBUSTED TICKETS AHHH (I also got Katy Perry tickets for both Glasgow dates woooo) - date night at the Grovesnor Cafe - little treats x2 - Bonfire night - spending the day at Codona's - unintentionally cat themed outfit no1
standard pretty sky photo - loved this Company cover - cat themed outfit no2 - care package from my mum - my besto Eilidh <3
This month I've been:

Reading - Allegiant by Veronica Roth (devastated), some boring university related books, Company magazine & Company High Street Edit.

Watching - CATCHING FIRE AHHHH, also the Dr. Who 50th anniversary, still lots of Supernatural, some Gossip Girl, The Great Gatsby (three times in a week) and I'm about to watch the September Issue.

Doing - putting off my coursework by playing lots of Sims.

Looking forward to - the Clothes Show Live next week, my boyfriend's birthday on Friday, handing in this report, going home for Christmas.


  1. Haha, you got both dates! I got tickets for the Sunday but I'll be right up in the bleed seats :P xxx

    1. Aw I got standing for the Saturday and the Reflection Section for the Sunday!xx

  2. Catching fire and doctor who were amazing! how is uni going btw? is it better than when you started?

  3. I know! I've already watched Dr Who twice and I'm tempted to go see Catching Fire again too. It's so much better now, thank you xxx

  4. Great post, cool photos Doctor Who 50th was amazing xx

  5. Your blog is so lovely! I have a 'crush' on it at the moment :)

  6. Oh my gosh that cat watch is serious cuteness overload - it's adorable!! xx

    Gem // missmakeupmagpie.com


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