Monthly Round Up – November

MCBUSTED TICKETS AHHH (I also got Katy Perry tickets for both Glasgow dates woooo) – date night at the Grovesnor Cafe – little treats x2 – Bonfire night – spending the day at Codona’s – unintentionally cat themed outfit no1
standard pretty sky photo – loved this Company cover – cat themed outfit no2 – care package from my mum – my besto Eilidh <3

This month I’ve been:

Reading – Allegiant by Veronica Roth (devastated), some boring university related books, Company magazine & Company High Street Edit.

Watching – CATCHING FIRE AHHHH, also the Dr. Who 50th anniversary, still lots of Supernatural, some Gossip Girl, The Great Gatsby (three times in a week) and I’m about to watch the September Issue.

Doing – putting off my coursework by playing lots of Sims.

Looking forward to – the Clothes Show Live next week, my boyfriend’s birthday on Friday, handing in this report, going home for Christmas.