Desert Island Essentials #21

Imagine you are stranded on a desert island in the middle of the ocean without a person in sight, however not to worry, as this island is pretty luxurious compared to some others! I’m asking a different blogger every week what their desert island essentials are, and this week it’s Jess from Gingerly Pale.

On your lovely little desert island you find an iPod, however it can only hold 5 songs – which five songs would you choose?

It’s really difficult to choose just five, but they’d probably be:
Holocene- Bon Iver
Panic Cord- Gabrielle Aplin
Dancing in the Dark- Bruce Springsteen
Still- Daughter
The Winner Takes It All- ABBA (who doesn’t love ABBA?).

Surprisingly, there is also a TV on the island! But, you can only pick one movie or TV show to watch for your time here, what would you choose?

It would definitely have to be ‘The Big Bang Theory’- that show is one of my all-time favourites and it never fails to make me laugh every time I watch it- I don’t think I could cope without Sheldon Cooper’s comments in my life!

Before you were stranded you were carrying a book, what one book would you want to have on the island with you?

I suppose a kindle wouldn’t be allowed? Then it would have to be ‘The Half-Blood Prince’ from the Harry Potter series as I never seem to get bored of it despite having re-read it countless times.

Obviously, you’re not going to be left to starve. If you could only have 1 meal and 1 drink a day what would it be?

Macaroni and Cheese and Tetley tea…two of my favourites!

When stranded on your island what would your must have beauty essential be?

Factor 50 sun cream would be a given as my poor pale skin would be frazzled (and more freckled), or maybe concealer because I always seem to have huge bags under my eyes.

Everywhere has WiFi these days, right? Well your island does! However you are limited to one blog and one YouTube channel – who would you choose?

If I had to choose one blog it would most likely be ‘Sallytangle’. It’s just so beautiful and interesting to read, it’s one of those blogs I check just to see if they’ve posted anything new. YouTube wise, I’m not a huge fan (yet), but one of my friends has recently got me hooked on Sprinkleofglitter, so it would probably be that!

If you want to be part of my Desert Island Essentials series e-mail me at with the subject ‘Desert Island Essentials’ and I will add you to my list. <3