Clothes Show Live 2013

A major benefit to my choice of university course is the pretty damn amazing trips that come alongside it – the first of these being a wee jaunt to Birmingham for the Clothes Show (fun fact, it was the 25th anniversary show this year!).

We left from Aberdeen Airport very early on Tuesday morning (the sun was just rising as we were taking off) and flew straight to Birmingham which luckily wasn’t a very long flight at all… although I did sleep through the majority of it. Birmingham’s airport is basically right next door to the NEC which is pretty handy as it meant we didn’t waste too much time travelling between the two.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the show as I’d never been before but I didn’t really expect what it was if that makes any sense at all… It was basically a massive room full of people and stalls so lots of walking and shopping to do. As we went on the last day there were quite a few bargains to be had – haul post soon, you know what I’m like! – but sadly less celebrity appearances and showcases. We still got to experience the actual ‘show’ which was pretty exciting but it seemed to focus a lot more on the topless men than the clothes themselves. It felt a lot more dance-y than fashion focused but it was still really enjoyable! It was amazing to see Jade Thompson of BINTM fame in the flesh (she’s in the blue dress in the last photo) as she’s one of my favourite contestants to date however I now really want to go to the gym (not words I ever thought I’d be saying). Our seats for the show were quite far back but we did get a decent view of it all.

The shopping was mental. Only way to describe it really. It was like a combination of the boxing day sales and Primark on a Saturday afternoon but in a stuffy, pink room. Migraine inducing really, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. It was a heaven of vintage, indie boutiques and standard ‘Tumblr’ type clothing as I’ve grown to call it. Eilidh refused to let me buy most of the crazy cat lady pieces that I had my eye on, much to my dismay. There were loads of lovely little gift type stalls as well as plenty of beauty too, so something for everyone really. It would be a great place to do some Christmas shopping! Me being me I spent too much money however I had to hold back a fair bit because of baggage restrictions for the flight *sobs*. As much as I wanted to buy the Ciate advent calendar FOR JUST TEN POUNDS there was no feasible way to get it through security alongside all of the other nail polishes I’d already bought. I’m heartbroken. Also raging that a jacket potato with tuna and cheese cost EIGHT POUNDS. It was bloody amazing but I begrudge paying that much for a jacket potato ever again.

I feel like I’ve moaned a lot? I’m not sure… But I did actually love the day. I would definitely love to go back again but I’d maybe go on a different day, with more money and time as well as no baggage restrictions. That’d be much better. Also travelling there and back in one day kinda sucks, I spent all day in bed on Wednesday with an absolutely god awful migraine which I’ve put down to major lack of sleep (and maybe shock at the price of the jacket potato).

As I mentioned earlier I thought I’d do a separate post for all the goodies I bought, so that’ll be up on Monday. I’m surprised by how few pieces of clothing I actually bought but I’m sure I’ll make up for it after Christmas! Student budget ‘n all that.

Have you been to the Clothes Show? What did you think of it?