16 Dec 2013

Clothes Show Haul

£5 each

£10 for 5 nail polishes, wooooo!

The free goody bag with the nail polishes

£10 for all of this, yassss
I bought a lot of nail polish - but who can turn down a grand total of 6 Models Own nail polishes for just a tenner?! Barry M was a similar story...

So as I have mentioned before I popped down to Birmingham last week to visit the Clothes Show Live with uni and I did a wee bit of shopping. It was a bit of an overwhelming experience with lots of sales people shouting things and getting you to try things but I was quite well behaved... kind of. I only bought two tops for a bargain £5 each and a gorgeous statement necklace for just £3! I probably would have bought a lot more if I'd had more money, time, and wasn't flying with just carry on luggage.

Barry M were doing a deal where you paid a tenner and got a goody bag with five random polishes and some other make up bits. I was a bit cautious about it because I didn't get to pick the polishes but I don't have any of these and I did really want the pink one when it was out in summer. Models Own were doing a similar deal but you got to choose the 5 polishes so I was definitely up for that. They didn't seem to have Utopia which was the only one I actually wanted but I love the ones I did go for - especially the Velvet Goth ones. The goody bag for Models Own was actually really good with their limited edition Clothes Show polish, some more make up (all of which I'll probably use!) and a copy of Heat which I donated to Eilidh for the plane.

That's definitely quenched my thirst for shopping until after Christmas at least! Now I just need to get my Shellac taken off so I can actually try out all of the nail polishes properly...


  1. That sounds like an amazing deal and those tops and that necklace are so pretty!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  2. i love the models own polishes! such pretty colours ! and ofcourse the u cant sit with us tshirt :)

  3. Argh! I just bought the Absinthe Velvet Goth polish the other day in Boots for a fiver! So jealous! x

  4. So many great bits, and all so cheap too. I've never been to the clothes show, but I really want to one day. That You Can't Sit With Us t-shirt is AMAZING, I neeeeed


  5. Such great bargains! I love both your tops and all of the nail polishes! :D

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  6. That shirt is one of the best things I've seen! Also, looks like you snapped up a few bargains for sure :) x

  7. Ahh I want that t shirt!! Please give it to me ;) xx

  8. What a great bargain for those nail polishes! I really love the second top, the grey one, any idea where I can get one similar? :)

    Catriona xo

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    Fashion: http://girlcallednina.blogspot.co.uk/


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