1 Nov 2013

Monthly Round Up

Finally got Allegiant! - my new favourite bar - rainbow in Aberdeen - university 'resources'
Onesie time - new glasses, Primark's best - cocktails after university - early mornings
I had a not-so-welcome visitor - pretty buildings in Aberdeen - cookie dough shots - ghostly me & my boyfriend
I've had so many half formed post ideas for this month that I thought I would just combine them all in to one handy round up! I've been a bit lacking in posts this month, pretty much down to sheer laziness and a bit of blogger's block but I'll get there eventually. Unusually I actually spent a couple of weekends in Aberdeen this month as opposed to going home at every opportunity and they were pretty good. I also popped home for my best friend's 18th and a little random mid week trip to surprise my mum! This month I've been:

Reading - Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (fab), Coming Up Roses by Cath Kidston (interesting) and currently reading Allegiant by Veronica Roth (unconvinced).

Watching - Lots and lots of Supernatural, Movie 43 (awful), Mr Popper's Penguins (amazing) and Fortysomething. Yay for Hugh Laurie.

Doing - coursework. :(

How crazy is it that it's November already? It's Christmas next month!

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