The Baking Beauties Tag

Being keen bakers and bloggers alike Hayley and I decided to create a little baking tag for all you lovely bloggers to take part in! Anyone is welcome to take part, you don’t need to use the above picture but if you want to and you can’t get it from my blog (the right click doesn’t always work) then there should be one on Hayley’s post or you can e-mail me at and I’ll send you a copy! We would both really appreciate it if you could link it back to our blogs too.

1. What is the first thing you remember baking?

I seriously do not have a clue… I have vague memories of making the little Barbie cakes that came in the box kits but I could have quite easily just imagined that!

2. What was the last thing you baked?

I’ve not baked in such a long time, but I think the last thing I made was some rocky road which I have a pretty good recipe for here. I’ve not had a chance to bake anything in my flat yet because I don’t really have any baking stuff so I’ll need to get my hands on some!

3. Something you’ve always wanted to bake?

I’ve always wanted to try making macaroons, but aside from that I have a whole board on Pinterest of things I want to bake and cook. Right now I fancy making these Kit Kat brownies, they look quite easy to do and probably absolutely delicious.

4. Tell us about a time you baked something and it went ridiculously wrong.

For a very long time I wasn’t really trusted in my kitchen because I started making cupcakes but totally forgot about them once I’d put them in the oven… yeah… I also have a scar from burning my wrist during a particularly awful home economics practical test when I went to put the tray back in the oven but accidentally dropped it on my wrist. Despite royally screwing up that practical I actually still got a 1 because they had given me the wrong recipe. Every cloud!

5. Be honest, do you lick the spoon?


6. How often do you bake?

Nowhere near as often as I would like to! I went through a phase where I was baking a couple of times a week but recently it’s been more like once or twice a month. I’d really like to get back in to baking at least once a week but it’s just finding the time and the money for the ingredients really.

7. What baking success are you most proud of?

Probably either my Curly Wurly Pie or this cake shaped like an Xbox controller that I made for my brother last year. It’s a little rough around the ages but it took me hours and I was so proud of it at the time! He liked it too which was the most important thing.

8. Do you tidy up as you go along or leave one big mess until the end?

I try to tidy as I go but I always end up leaving one big mess that I try to deal with while it’s in the oven or cooling. I am also very guilty of forgetting about the mess and leaving it for my mum or dad to deal with…

9. Do you use recipe books or get them online?

I have a couple of recipe books that I use for basic recipes but I get most of my recipes & inspiration online, pretty much entirely from Pinterest. The food section could make me hungry even if I was eating while I was on it…

10. Do you stick to the recipe or do you experiment a little?

I like to experiment a tiny bit, usually if I don’t have enough of something, but I’m not majorly adventurous with my baking. I think baking is a lot more exact than cooking so there’s less room for experimenting, but a bit of extra chocolate can’t hurt.

11. Who are your favourite food bloggers?

Becky from milk bubble tea posts some amazing recipes, as does Rosie from The Londoner and Gem always takes some amazing food photos if that counts?

12. What is your favourite thing to bake?

Probably rocky road, it’s really easy and insanely yummy. I could eat a whole batch of that by myself.

Anyone is free to do this tag on their own blog, but I personally tag Jean, Islay & Sophie