OOTD – I’m not giving up, but I’m giving in

Dress – Primark
Necklace – Sister Vintage (post here)
Lipstick – Kate Moss for Rimmel 107

I’ve noticed that a big downside of having ombre hair is that when I occasionally decide to go for a pleated headband it’s a completely different colour to my actual hair… Oh well.

I saw this dress a few times before I actually picked it up, partly due to my lack of funds but partly because I wasn’t too sure about it. I’m still not 100% but does make quite an easy outfit which is perfect for my 9am start on a Thursday (aka hell) which I’m reaaaaally not used to. It’s been a very long time since I had to get up that early.

I was home again this weekend but this time it had been planned for quite a while as I was attending FABB Glasgow on Saturday, it was a great wee event and it’s always nice to meet new bloggers and catch up with ones I’d already met previously! I’ll be popping up a post about the day tomorrow if you fancy having a peek at what we got up to.

As of this week I’m on my full uni timetable – which if I’m honest isn’t really all that full. I’m only timetabled for 12-16 hours of classes a week but there’s a decent bit of work outside of classes. Seeing as I’ve not got such an intense timetable I’ve joined quite a few societies and signed up to work on the university magazine which I have my first meeting for on Wednesday – can’t wait to be doing lots of things! I think having eight months of not really doing very much has made me want to throw myself in to lots of activities at once so we will just have to see how that turns out…

If you didn’t already know, I’m a massive fan of CTFxc – a YouTube channel run by Charles & Alli Trippy who have vlogged every single day for over four years now and also hold the Guiness World Record for longest period of consecutive daily vlogs. Last week, Charles was told that he had a form of brain cancer and now needs to have chemotherapy. It’s a bit stupid for me to be so attached to a stranger on the internet and feel so gutted by this but Charles & Alli are a total inspiration to me and if you haven’t already checked out their channel then you really should.