23 Oct 2013

October Playlist

Not so much of a playlist this month, more of an 'album review' type post. If you didn't already know I'm quite a big fan of Katy Perry - to the extent that I bought the biggest bottle of her latest perfume without actually smelling it first. Yeah...

Anyway! PRISM is Katy's long awaited third (technically fourth...) album which came out this week. You've probably all heard the first single, Roar, which I for one played on repeat for a good couple of months. This album was touted as being 'darker' than Teenage Dream which I think led some people to expect something a bit more rock-y however it is still the pretty standard Katy Perry pop sound. Personally, I think it's a lot more raw than Teenage Dream. The songs feel like they have a lot more emotion and pain in the lyrics which is a bit of a given based on her divorce.

They're not all doom and gloom though, there's still some classic happy 'pop' songs which I can't stop singing. Thinking back to Katy's "grungier" phase with her purple hair and 'The Craft' inspired outfits I think you can hear some strong 90s influence especially with tracks such as 'Walking On Air'. 'This Is How We Do' felt a bit S Club like to me in that it's quite noughties teen pop but I still love it, S Club were my childhood. I still have their entire discography on my iPod...

Basically, if you're a Katy Perry fan you need this album. Hey, even if you're not this is still an amazing album.

Favourite tracks: Legendary Lovers, It Takes Two, Walking On Air, Roar, This Is How We Do (I love the entire album bit if I had to pick five it would be these)


  1. I love the Katy Perry album but then i love her so haha xo


  2. I love katy perry and this album sounds incredible!! Although my favourite band at the moment is vampire weekend, loving their song horchata!! Your blog is incredible as well, such a great design, i love your button too. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? I you do please let me know on my blog and i will follow you back straight away! xx


  3. I used to adore Katy Perry but I have been very tempted to buy her new album but haven't been sure! Have you listened to any of the new tracks from All Time Low Don't Panic It's Longer Now? They're brilliant! Especially the acoustic covers they have on it now!

  4. Ahhh you must love Katy Perry if you brought her perfume without a sniff! I think my favourite new track at the moment has got to be Royals by Lorde - which is going to sound so Top 40's but it really is a good tune.

    Sim (http://oflimeysandyankees.blogspot.co.uk)


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