My Winter Essential

cold weather fashion

I also considered titling this post ‘An Ode To Fluffy Socks’. Just thought I’d share that.

Each year there’s a new ‘winter essential’, be it a berry lipstick; tartan dress or even just a good ol’ lip balm, but every year without fail I have one true winter essential. Fluffy socks. Maybe your winter essential is a good pair of heeled chelsea boots, but what’s hiding under those chelsea boots? You guessed it. Socks.

Fluffy socks are under rated. Especially the cheap as chips Primark two pack of fluffy socks. Seriously, these two little bits of fuzzy goodness rarely leave my feet. Obviously not just this one pair, I do have multiples and I do wash them – promise. They’re like shields of warmth for my teeny tiny feet. I’m funny about feet, I hate having them out where they are very vulnerable to the cruel, cruel world full of people who might try to – god forbid – tickle them.

Something I’ve noticed since moving further north is that it gets cold. If there’s one thing I hate more than having my feet touched it’s being cold. As much as I would love to hibernate in my bed for the entire season, or relocate to sunnier climates, it’s not all too practical or affordable. The cold weather brings out another one of my least favourite things – Reynaud’s syndrome. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a circulation issue that (for me at least) comes about when your body is cold and causes the small blood vessels in your fingers & toes to spasm quite painfully. It’s a bit of a bitch, especially in my toes. Fluffy socks to the rescue once again! When it starts to get a bit chilly I have a pair on my feet pretty much 24 hours a day. I’d be kidding myself if I said these weren’t a staple piece of my wardrobe for me come winter time.

So what’s your true winter essential? C’mon, think about it carefully – is that statement necklace really an essential or would you much rather have a nice hot bowl of soup?