11 Oct 2013

My Lush Christmas Favourites

Snow Fairy 250g - £6.85
Candy Mountain bubble bar - £2.65
I know, I know, it's only October - but when I spied Lush's Christmas range in store (already!) I just had to pick up two of my all time Lush favourites.

Snow Fairy is a pretty classic Christmas staple for me (and quite a lot of other people) when it comes to Lush, I always stock up when it comes in to stores so I actually had a small bottle left from last Christmas but I decided to treat myself to the medium sized bottle which should hopefully last me until Christmas as I like to switch up my shower gels on a daily basis. If you haven't already tried Snow Fairy you should definitely at least give it a sniff - the gorgeously sweet scent lasts for hours and makes me think of snowy Christmas evenings.

Candy Mountain is my all time favourite bubble bar from Lush. I can't rave about it enough. I was slightly heartbroken when I realised that they had changed it this year, to me it was already perfect! Despite not actually having a bath I picked one up anyway so I could give it a go back at home. Ultimately, it's not that different. The main difference appears to be the addition of glitter as well as the colour change, but the scent is the exact same albeit a bit less strong. It still gives a great amount of bubbles and a lovely pink bath but the candyfloss scent really was my favourite thing about Candy Mountain, so I think The Comforter has moved up to grab the top spot now.

Do you like the Lush Christmas range?


  1. Ive only recently dabbled in lush products, god knows where I have been, under a rack apparently! But as I don't have a bath I didn't see the point before, however Ive been using there lip scrubs and I was away recently and picked up a bath bomb to try, I loved it! I cant wait to move house and get a bath! xx
    Kirsty Rockit Style

  2. I love how the candy mountain bubble bar looks! So cute. Can't believe its LUSH christmas products time already!



  3. Lovely post! Such cute products!

    Emma x

  4. the fact that Snow Fairy is out already has made my day, I'm such a saddo ahaha! x


  5. Lush make such lovely products, the names are really inventive and the scent draws you into their shops like freshly baked bread. Snow fairy is a regular on my list as it's my daughters favourite too, an easy picking for her Christmas stocking.

  6. It seems the Lush stores we have in Canada don't have nearly as many options as the ones in the UK. Hopefully they come out with some Christmas ones here though, they look nice and I definitely want to give them a try~


  7. I went and bought lots of christmas Lush Yesterday Candy Mountain been one of them but forgot to pick up snow fairy and I dont know how I love the stuff.

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    Carrieanne x


  8. I've never tried Snow Fairy before :O I need to though :D xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. I've never tried any Lush cosmetics before but I am always wanting to. Perhaps next pay day would be the perfect time for this.

    Becka x

  10. Lush is so incredible!! I think I'll have to try Snow Fairy now! xxx

  11. I love snow fairy! I bought candy mountain last weekend, but I'm trying to save it til a little nearer Christmas :) great post x


  12. These both sound amazing! I'm popping into Lush today just to check out their new Christmas offerings, so will definitely be checking both of these out! x


  13. Definitely going to have to get my hands on these! :-) I love your blog, followed :-)



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