My iPhone Must Haves

iPhone 4S case – Iconemesis*
Portable charger – Amazon (bought on offer)

I’m a cat lady who is addicted to social media. There, I said it.

iPhone users far and wide know all too well the major disappointment that it is the iPhone battery life. After one too many bus journeys between Aberdeen and Glasgow forcing myself to be conservative with my phone use to preserve battery I decided it was about time I bought a portable charger. 
This little beauty was a total bargain and seriously does the trick. It was a total bargain coming in at a cool £9 when I bought it, but it would appear that was a special offer, and easily charges my phone to its full capacity with some juice to spare for my iPod too. For example, on my journey back to Aberdeen last weekend I plugged this in when my phone sat at 19% charge and within a couple of hours it was at 100% despite me accidentally turning it off for about twenty minutes. It is a bit slower than charging through a wall socket or computer however when you’re on the go it is a total lifesaver. This particular model comes in a choice of colours and includes adapters for (I think) every device possible including iPhone 4 & 5. Even if there isn’t an adapter for your device the connection is USB so your usual cable should work too! Overall I’m pretty darn impressed with this, especially considering how cheap it was. 
Now on to the cat lady pleasing aspect of my phone. The case. It’s adorable. I could not resist yet another cat related case for my phone and I think this is my favourite yet. THEY ARE HAVING A PARTY. HOW CUTE IS THAT. Having only bought cases from eBay before I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of this Iconemesis number, the print is so bright and clear. It also stretches right round to the sides which makes me very happy… I like it to cover the whole phone! I’m seriously impressed with this and kind of tempted by some of the other Iconemesis designs which are pretty good value compared to some other pretty cases I’ve seen about. This case will definitely be on my phone for the foreseeable future.

Where do you get your phone cases from? Do you like plain and simple or something a little bit prettier?