FABB Glasgow

I’m sure you’ll all have seen plenty of posts about the wonderful FABB Glasgow hosted by Ray & Tor last Saturday, so I’ll try and not bore you with too many details. It was a lovely afternoon and I got to meet so many amazing bloggers and brands as well as catch up with some old faces. I also finally got to meet the absolutely lovely team behind Mallzee, who very kindly gave me a chunk of the fudge that I kept hanging about for…

It goes without saying that the goody bag was amaaaazing – it’ll hopefully keep my shopping habit at bay for a while! I can’t quite believe the sheer amount of stuff crammed in to the bags, lots of shiny new products to try out. My mum has nabbed a few bits and bobs already, and I don’t fancy risking the fake tan in my university halls so it’ll be a while before I try that one but expect to see a fair few reviews popping up over the next few weeks!

Going to events like these reminds me why I got in to blogging in the first place, not only do I have somewhere to spill my random splatterings of thoughts but I’ve also been able to be a member of an amazing community of lovely, like-minded people. Scottish bloggers are the best! I always come away from these events feeling very lucky and motivated to work even harder! Sadly uni work is slightly taking over at the moment, going from eight months of nothing to a degree, three societies, the magazine and – hopefully at some point soon – a job is proving difficult! I am enjoying having something to do though.

If you want to read more about FABB Glasgow there’s an abundance of posts which can be found using the #FABBGlasgow tag on Twitter! Massive thanks to Ray & Tor for the insane amount of work they must have put in to create such a fantastic event. <3