Exploring Aberdeen

I hadn’t been out with my camera in a while and after seeing Islay’s post about her amazing A Level photography project I was feeling a bit inspired. I’ve been here a whole month now but I feel like I’ve not seen too much of the city, so I decided to give myself a little 40 minute break and go for a wander. I didn’t take too many photos, these are just a couple of my favourites. Aberdeen certainly has some impressive architecture – they don’t call it the Granite City for nothing!

Any Aberdonians got any tips on where to visit? I’m guessing that if I get a job I’ll be spending my weekends in Aberdeen more often so I’ll be needing things (apart from Netflix) to keep my occupied! Speaking of weekends, home again tonight. I’m excited really, this is the longest I have been away from my mum in my entire life. Yup.