Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Mascara

YSL Baby Doll mascara – £24.50

So. This was an expensive mascara.

Basically, I was in Selfridges on Oxford Street and I was totally overwhelmed by it all. It’s heaven on earth for a beauty addict like myself. I’d seen this mascara featured in quite a few posts and was pretty impressed by it, but put off slightly by it’s hefty price tag. However, it just so happens that very morning my beloved Bad Gal Lash had just ran out after a good run so I went a bit crazy and bought it.

After using it for myself for a while, I’m still pretty impressed. Cue awkward & embarrassing eye shots to justify.

(This was my first time applying it, in the past week I’ve got a LOT better at getting it less clumped)

Although in saying that I do kind of feel like these photos don’t quite do it justice. It’s a very dark, thickening formula that could be seen as quite clumpy in comparison to mascaras such as Bad Gal but I feel it’s a lot less clumpy than the likes of They’re Real. Bad Gal definitely gives off a more natural look compared to this which definitely gives off a ‘falsies’ feel. I’m not a big fan of false eyelashes so definitely think this mascara is perfect, two coats gives me all of the length I need. If I’m feeling lazy when it comes to doing my make up a quick coat of this bad boy instantly makes me look a lot more awake and put together, it is the ideal lazy girl’s make up essential.

I’m a big fan of the brush, I do like a plastic brush and this one is perfect for getting the little stubborn lashes left over from my horrid habit of picking at them day and night. The formula is a little bit thicker than I’m used to considering I’d used my last mascara till it was completely dried and obviously in the last few uses it wouldn’t have been up to scratch. With a steadier hand and a lash comb on hand it leaves a gorgeous, thick pair of lashes.

All in all it is an amazing mascara which is to be expected considering the price and I do absolutely adore it, but part of me still yearns for my Bad Gal Lash. I think this kind of mascara takes a bit of getting used to, at least for me anyway. I have had quite a few of my friends ask me what mascara I’m wearing so it’s clearly one that appeals to other people however lately I’ve been more of a volume over length/thickness kind of girl when it comes to mascara so it’s a fair step up. I’m sure I will be getting a lot of use out of it but it is definitely more of a ‘going out’ mascara in my eyes rather than for daily wear unless on it’s own.

Have you seen this mascara or tried it? What do you think – worth it or not?