The London Haul

I’ve decided that this month I’m going to be trying to get in to YouTube properly and maybe try post at least one video a week as well as my Paperbacks & Beauty Facts video, so what better way to start than with a haul? I thought that I would share all of the things I bought in video form instead of a post as it was a bit easier and seeing as I bought a hell of a lot it would be much quicker for you lovely lot too!

Today I’m feeling slightly delicate after a night out last night and I also have a long journey to Northumberland to manage later on this afternoon… That’ll be fun! We’re off to stay near Bamburgh in a family friend’s cottage which will be a lovely little weekend away (not that I’ve just got back from one or anything…) It should hopefully be a lot more relaxing than last weekend and definitely less stressful than next – the big move! 

Seeing as I’m trying to kick start my channel are there any videos that you would like to see from me? I’m also thinking about vlogging my moving day but I’m not sure if I’ll have a lot of time. I did start vlogging my weekend in London but I forgot to take my camera out on the second day which would have made up the bulk of the vlog so decided against it! 

Have a lovely weekend x