7 Sep 2013

Shopping For University

As of today it is officially one week till I move. I know I talk about it a lot but it is a massive step in my life so I guess you'll all just have to put up with it! I promise I'll stop after I've done the whole HEY MTV WELCOME TO MY CRIB style room tour...

Anyway, seeing as it had been a while since my last university 'advice' post I thought it was about time I did another - this time on the wonderful world of shopping - with a few bits and pieces that I've found useful. When I first got my place at Robert Gordon I sat and wrote a very long list (lists are your friend - seriously) of all of the things I thought I'd need to pack, buy or find about the house. Moving is exciting, but it's also very stressful.

It's important to consider what is essential. For example, in my halls we aren't provided with bedding, which I would say is pretty essential. On the other hand, we also aren't provided with a toaster, and while it is handy to have it is not necessarily essential as y'know, you can make toast on the grill. Another thing that is important to consider is what will be shared between the flat. In our flat we won't get a kettle however my flatmates and I have all decided that we will wait until we are all up there together and just chip in to get a kettle to share instead of us ending up with seven kettles. No one needs seven kettles. I do have a little travel kettle but it was just a cheap thing that I'm planning on keeping in my room for those sneaky midnight cuppas so that I don't end up disturbing my flatmates/having to move too much...

One of my biggest rookie mistakes came with the bedding. The website for my halls claimed the beds were single, but on closer inspection a tiny little asterisk revealed that they were actually a small double. At this point I'd already bought a lovely selection of pretty duvet covers, a duvet itself, sheets and a mattress protector that were all intended for single beds. Cue my distress when I couldn't get the sheets I had in a double size (don't worry I've found more pretty ones!) and having to buy a whole new set of bed linen, duvets etc. Always check thoroughly what size of bed you will have, and also what is & isn't already provided for you, to save any added expense. A quick Google search may come in very handy!

Something that's been important for me has been adding a personal touch to my room. It's not the most luxurious accommodation ever but it will be my new home from home so I want it to feel that way! In the past few months I've been collecting lots of bits and pieces such as photos, posters, fairy lights and pretty bunting to add a few extra touches to my room to make it feel a bit more me. It's important to note that not all halls will allow fairy lights and definitely no candles. Also some halls may be very picky about putting things on the wall but the majority tend to give you some sort of pin board to go crazy on.

I'm so worried in case I've forgotten something but I'm pretty sure I'm all sorted. This is going to be one crazy week. I have two more university posts planned, one about actually moving for university and another about my freshers week experience - both of which will be up after I've actually experienced them!

Do you have any university shopping tips to share?


  1. Oh I'm going next year!! Keep us updated, great post.


  2. My 3 years at Uni were the best 3 years of my life! Im sure you'll have a wonderful time! Sounds like you're sorted with what you need to think about before you go as well! I also found it was a good idea to take a couple of storage boxes, like the pretty foldable cardboard ones you can get from Ikea, to store bits and bobs in, because my accommodation was pretty lacking in the storage department! Hope you have an amazing time!

    Lisa xo
    Damn Precious

  3. Great post Charlotte! I made the exact same mistake as you with the bedding, had bought a bunch of things in single size too :( Your post has reminded me of the fact to think of things to decorate my room more, not really thought of that yet, eep!

  4. You're going to have such a good time! I'm going into my 2nd year and seriously, 1st year was such an experience when you've been living at home with parents or whatever you're whole life. Shopping was definitely my favourite bit about preparing for uni, I spend a whole day in ikea buying all the essentials I needed. One tip is, don't buy expensive plates etc because it's more than likely that you or a flatmate will end up breaking them! That's why ikea and places like that are good! It's such a shame about your bedding mishap! I had a single but I brought a double duvet just so it was more snuggly haha

    Have a great time and good luck!


  5. I'm moving two weeks today, eeeek.
    I've still got so much to get and sort out, stressing!


  6. I'll be going to uni next year so thanks for the tips! Good luck:)

  7. You are going to have such a fucking good time at university; seems like years since I was there! I found the best way to personalise my room was with some screen printed art prints off Etsy - you can get some really nice, unique stuff pretty cheaply, and because the runs are so small you can be sure of having something nobody else has. :)

  8. Good luck on moving! I'm going to be commuting to my university so I won't have these stresses thankfully! xo

    Hannah | Glitter and Sparkle


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