OOTD – When these walls don’t feel like home remember that you’re not alone

Top & Skirt – New Look
Shoes – Primark
Lipstick – Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 19

So… it’s been a while, eh? It’s probably shameful to admit but one of the things I was most worried about regarding my new room was finding somewhere to take outfit photos so they might be all over the place until I settle on a spot. Also the lighting is a wee bit rubbish and awkward to shoot with so bear with me!

I know I’ve been a bit absent lately but I’m trying to get myself back in to the swing of things – I’d only planned on taking a weekend off not almost two weeks! I’m not going to lie, it’s taking me longer than I thought it would to settle in here. I’ve been a bit miserable and homesick for a while but I’m starting to feel a lot better about it all now. Moving away for university is a massive change and a really intense experience but I guess everyone’s in the same boat. Sorry if you’ve had to put up with all my moaning on Twitter, I’m trying to be a bit more cheerful on there now! I had a bit of a wander around Aberdeen today and it’s really starting to grow on me, it’s a gorgeous city especially when the weather is as nice as it currently is.
This week is my freshers week and I have my first (and only) induction tomorrow which I’m quite nervous for, then on Wednesday I’m off to visit my best friend in St. Andrews which I am so excited for. On Thursday I’m popping home again for the weekend before my classes properly start next week. Exciting times! I’ll hopefully be popping up a little room tour post at some point this week, I’m finally unpacked properly and it’s nice and tidy – at least for now…