3 Sep 2013

OOTD - This must be just like living in paradise

Dress - River Island (via Lily's blog sale)
Sandals - Primark
Belt - Vintage
Tote - Cath Kidston
Jewellery - Delilah Dust and Dower & Hall (close up here)
Insanely chubby cheeks - models own
Hello again! I'm currently on the train journey from hell back from London so thought I would schedule a little update so you lovely lot had something to read while I snooze tomorrow - I've been unintentionally blogging pretty much every day since I got back from Kavos in July and been enjoying it so much that I'm trying to keep it up!

I've had an absolutely amazing weekend in London (aside from the horrific journey home), it was beyond my wildest dreams and I'm already desperate to go back there. I always knew that I wanted to live in London at some point but this past weekend has only confirmed that for me! I'm so tempted to pop down for a day of LFW as I have a couple of invites however it's the day before I move to Aberdeen and I don't think my bank account can survive another trip after the battering it received in Camden & Oxford Street. I'll be posting a little photo diary at some point this week as well as a haul which I may do in the form of a video as I bought SO much. My excuse is that I saved my birthday money and had a ton of gift vouchers... As well as the whole new season wardrobe/starting university wardrobe thing too.

I was unsure about this dress when I first tried it on after receiving it from the lovely Lily, however after wearing it all day around Camden; Brick Lane & Madame Tussaud's I've fallen in love. In fact, just as I was about to have this photo taken by my lovely boyfriend/designated outfit photographer for the weekend some kind stranger came up to me and told me she loved it - that's enough to put a smile on any girl's face! It's not my usual style but I really love it.

This week is going to be mostly spent catching up with friends before they move this weekend (RGU seems to be starting so much later than everywhere else!) before another weekend away; this time to Northumberland with my family. When I'm finally home I only have five days before the big move - scary stuff!


  1. I would definitely love to see a haul video, I think they're my favourites to watch! It sounds like you had loads of fun and that dress looks great! Just focus on the positives. haha xx


  2. Really pretty dress, looks great on you! Ahh I'm so jealous of your trip to London, Camden is SO cool and I've always wanted to go shopping on Oxford Street!

    Helen at "Hels Yeah" xx

  3. I always like the combination of white and caramel brown! Good luck with your move to Aberdeen! Check out North East Blogger events, there are lots of us up here in Aberdeen and we meet up now and then, it would be fab for you to join us sometime!

    Kirsty www.rockit-style.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Love the dress - it really suits you! So jealous of your London adventure - especially splurging in Camden!x


  5. I'm so so jealous of your trip it looks amazing. The train ride sounds horrible. Did you end up passing Livingston? I love your outfit.

    Water Painted Dreams

  6. I can confirm from my own student days that having loads of clothes is beneficial as the washing machines in halls are a bit rickety! Hahaha. And you have to share them with more people than at home (or in my halls you did). xxx

  7. That dress is more than beautiful on you!xo
    Follow me and I’ll follow back. Let me know when you’re done Also, I'd really like it if you were a part of the themed monthly look book on my blog Teeniolect HERE
    Teeniolect on Bloglovin’

  8. the outfit and shoes are so matching together! you look very pretty dear xx

  9. You look so lovely, Charlotte! Oh, I am going to london tomorrow but i'm going on my own and I am absolutely petrified! :-( x

  10. Love your outfit, that dress is so pretty. :)
    Ru|Glitter & Blush

    1. I really love your posts, your whole blog. Haha. Do you maybe want to follow each other? Let me know? :)

  11. you are such a cutie in that dress, i love northumberland ^_^ and good luck with the move.

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'


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